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The Great Movie Ride is Closing Forever Next Month. Here's What is Replacing It

There will be some interesting new technology used in this attraction

Image: Disney

Though this attraction sounds a bit like your standard screen-based affair so far, Disney is promising that this ride will be more than just a screen-based dark ride. Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway will make extensive use of new enhanced screen technology that Disney is calling 2 1/2D. Though we're not entirely sure what this really means, Disney said that the normally 2D world of Disney animation will pop in new ways inside this attraction, but interestingly, without the need for 3D glasses. During the panel Disney Imagineer Kevin Rafferty said teams are inventing new technologies that turn the flat world of a colorful cartoon short into a “dimensional display of amazingness.” They did showed off a quick clip of a forrest instantly being transformed into a cityscape. You can check out the effect here

The ride will feature an original story as well as a new song

Image: Disney

While Disney is basing the overall look of this new attraction on its current slate of Mickey Mouse shorts, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway will feature its own original story. The ride experience will begin with a pre-show that shows Mickey and Minnie getting ready for a picnic while Goofy tries his hand at being an engineer. Once riders board their vehicle, the ride will then pull them through the movie screen, and their adventure will begin in earnest. And of course, riders will want to keep their eyes peeled during this attraction, as this new ride will have the largest amount of hidden Mickeys in one attraction, ever.

While this new Mickey Mouse-based attraction certainly sounds interesting, it seems a shame that Disney isn't willing to build a new facility to house this ride, and instead kicking The Great Movie Ride out of the Chinese Theater structure, where it has been since the opening day of then Disney-MGM Studios. And when this attraction closes next month, it will be a milestone, as this attraction was the last opening day attraction in existence at this park. With the closure of The Great Movie Ride, it will truly be the end of an era, as Disney sheds the last trace of the original "studios" theming of this park as it gets ready for its new identity as a park that celebrates current films and characters, instead of the making of movies. 

Image: Disney

How do you feel about this change? Do you feel like Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway will be a fitting replacement for The Great Movie Ride? Let us know what you think in the comments! 

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There are 23 comments.

Judging by what they shared with us it looks like this really is going to be a groundbreaking attraction and I'm sure it will be a huge hit. But a couple things don't really sit well with me. Why do they need to replace the Great Movie Ride? It just seems like Mickey's first ride should be in the Magic Kingdom. Now of course there are practical reasons why this might not be able to happen but still. Plus The Great Movie Ride was the iconic attraction at MGM studios. It would be the equivalent of getting rid of Spaceship Earth.

The second thing I have an issue with is why in the world are they basing Mickey's very first Eticket attraction on the only recently produced, non-iconic, somewhat irreverent, not popular current Mickey Cartoon short series. That is the most baffling choice to me. Any other style from his 90 year history would be infinitely more iconic and timeless. But maybe I'm being short sighted.

Yes! Exactly how I feel as well. I'll admit I dislike the new art style and did not enjoy the few shorts that I watched.

Thats what ive been saying. Mickey belongs at MK. And this new Mickey is embarrassing.

Will truly be sad to see the Great Movie Ride go. The park was my favorite as kid, back when it was still MGM. I got a chance to ride it last year, and got to hear the Robert Osbourne soundtrack (just before he passed) and it still reflected the love and the joy I have for movies. From Bogie and Bergman to the Wicked Witch to Indiana Jones to the still-legitimately scary scene aboard the Nostromo. All gone now. I understand the reasoning, but still...If someone touches my beloved Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, though, there will be words, is all I'm sayin'.

The Great Movie Ride was one of the few attractions at Hollywood studios that was fun for the whole family. Removing it is a mistake. Leave the Great Movie Ride and add the MIckey and Minnie ride somewhere else. #Sad

Not gonna lie, I'm pretty upset about this. By the time I go back (most likely next May, so I won't even get to ride before it's gone), they'll have gotten rid of yet another of my favorite rides after they already replaced Maelstrom with the Frozen ride.

Do you know when it will open? Thanks!

While it's always exciting to hear about new attractions going into Disney, it's also sad that longtime rides have to be discontinued. The Great Movie Ride was literally the first ride my family and I rode when we went for the first time in the summer of 1990. It's synonymous with Disney and Hollywood Studios. It's classic old school Disney. Really sad to see it go. It's going to be really strange not to see there anymore.

This is... Heartbreaking. My favorite ride in my favorite park is gone, and I won't even have a chance to visit it one last time! This has me worried about what Hollywood Studios is going to become with all of these changes. I don't want to lose that old-hollywood feel that made it my favorite park.

Although the great movie ride had some cool memorabilia from classic movies, it has become only a way to get out of the sun. Much of the mystique of the ride was in the que and the film just before you get onboard, but that has been swiped away over the years. As much as older generations enjoy it, everyone knew it would not stay. The disappointment comes in the choice of the ridiculous current toon version of Mickey and Minnie that they are going with. USE THE ICONIC MICKEY, that has been around for at least 40 years and was still current with Mickey Mouse clubhouse and racers. Next, don't just keep the same ride and change the scenes, demo the entire inside of the building and start over. I'm a long time fan of Disney, but the changes at frozen forever were too basic. All you did was change the sets. Nothing new to the ride itself.

I'm very unhappy they are taking this ride away. It's one of my favorites. Mickey?? Really?? Can't they put it somewhere else??

I HATE the Look of the characters they will be using in This. I don't know who they are, But " STICK FIGURES" are NOT what WALT drew!

The Great Movie Ride is so old fashion and outdated. Time to go! I love that Mickey is getting is own ride and in the premiere attraction location at the studio, the Chinese Theate is fitting. However, I hate the name and theme. The Great Mickey Ride is a way better name. I would have much preferred a ride based on Mickey over the years, not the lower quality TV version.

Right, because there's nothing outdated & old about Mickey Mouse, conceived 90ish years ago in 1928. Such a shame Disney is trying to make every park look like Magic Kingdom. There's a reason 4 parks exist: variety! In a decade or so from now, Disney won't even be worth going to. Who wants every ride to just be like a 3D movie that shakes you around? That's a hell of an expensive movie.

Not happy at all about this development. I'll be heading to Disney in October and what was once our favorite park will be a shell of what it has been in the past. Four rides in a park that has always had long lines, I can only imagine how long the lines will be now.

Truly disappointed in Disney!!!! Not only are they getting rid of a great ride of classic movies and history, they are using a cartoon that is NOT the Mickey Mouse we are all use to. I love Mickey and use to love the Disney shorts that were shown in the resorts, on Disney Channel and on Main Street in the theater at Magic Kingdom. This new character (who I do not consider Mickey) and all his pals look like they are cracked out and do not represent what Walt created when "it started with a Mouse". VERY VERY DISAPOINTED!!!!!

WHAT ARE THEY THINKING??? They removed the movie about Walt in One Man's Dream ( guess it isnt important for people to know who was behind their magical vacation) and now they are throwing away the history of movies ? The Original MGM Studios was such a great experience that is now being replaced by everything we are exposed to currently on TV and at the movies. If I wanted a boring day exposed to everything new and current vs the Golden Days of Hollywood I would spend my days and loney at Universal. Come on, Disney. RETHINK THIS. You are better than this!

Very sad by this news, excited for all the new wave of projects and updates for Disney parks, but this one is a bitter pill to swallow.

I'm very upset and sad. That ride is iconic and enjoyable for everyone. The micky ride should be built elsewhere.

The best ride in he park it's a sin to change it at all Disney is destroying the park

I went to Disney for the first time this past July. That ride was the ONLY ride that made Hollywood Studios enojoyable for me and my party. I am sad to see it go.

What a disgrace. It's EPCOT Center all over again, Disney attempts to destroy the only decent rides left in their parks with flimsy, cheap ones that pander to the masses. Won't be going back anytime soon.

We haven't been to a Disney property in years. It's changes like this that explain why. The Disney World I used to enjoy is dead and gone. You can keep Avatardland and all the other new crap that has replaced classics.


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