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Here Are 6 Of The Most Impressive Theme Park Animatronics Ever!

If you are tired of seeing screens in theme park attractions and want to see some very impressive animatronics, look no further. Here are 6 of the most impressive animatronics of all time...

The Epic Universe: A Deep Dive Into The Upcoming Dark Universe Land

The Dark Universe is set to be a thrilling land for all Universal Monster fans at the upcoming Epic Universe, let's take a look at all the latest developments...

88MPH! The History Of Back To The Future's Presence In Universal Theme Parks

As one of Universal’s most iconic properties, it should come as no surprise that Back to the Future has maintained a presence inside the parks years after the beloved trilogy came to an end...

3 Ways Diagon Alley Could Be Expanded At Universal Studios Florida

Easily Universal’s biggest attraction in Orlando, expansion of the Wizarding World should be a top priority...

4 Ways Universal Could Bring E.T. Adventure Into The Modern Day & Prevent Its Closure

What if upgrading E.T. Adventure meant the beloved Steven Spielberg attraction at Universal Studios Florida could stay open forever?

An Epic Upset: 7 Ways Universal Has (Possibly) Dethroned Disney in the Theme Park Wars!

What in the battle-of-magical-worlds is going on? Here are seven areas that stand out where Universal is slowly eking out a lead against their longest competitor…

5 Universal Orlando Attractions That Must Go (And 3 We Hope Never Leave)!

Have these five Universal Orlando Resort attractions overstayed their welcome? Let's see if you agree with the attractions that must go and which few have what it takes to stand the test of time...

Why Walk-Through Attractions Could Dominate Future Theme Park Trends, Should They?

In 2023, walk-through attractions are experiencing a resurgence. Could we see a shift toward more of these immersive attractions, or should parks keep the focus on traditional rides?

Epic Universe's Donkey Kong Country: Why Video Games Themed Attractions Work As Well As 'Riding The Movies'

We take this opportunity to explore why video games themed attractions such as the rumored Donkey Kong land at the upcoming Epic Universe work as well as those that 'ride the movies', do you agree?

MUTANT COASTERS: The Hybrid Breed of Multi-Manufacturer Rides Fusing Old and New Into One!

Today, we'll take a look at six wild case studies of mutated rides, made of unusual pieces that build into one complete whole. We think you'll agree that in most of these cases, we're lucky to have seen what happens when these parts hybridized into something new...

The Wizarding World Was Originally Destined for Walt Disney World? This Is What Was Planned!

The Wizarding World is Universal Orlando’s flagship experience, but did you know that Walt Disney World planned to have a Harry Potter land first?

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