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BACK to the FUTURE: The Lost Legend that Created Universal Studios Florida and Thrilled a Generation

LOST LEGENDS: Back to the Future – The Ride: When Universal first eyed the opportunity to bring a version of its famed Hollywood studio park to Florida in the mid-1980s, the idea of taking on Disney was simply too daunting... to become a contender in Disney's own back yard would take an out-of-this-world E-Ticket ahead of (and in this case, also behind) its time. Headed up by Spielberg himself, this closed classic is the reason Universal Orlando exists! This is the full story...

4 Things a Walt Disney World Regular Might Miss While Visiting Universal Orlando Resort

There is no question that sends Florida theme park fans into a passionate debate faster than, “Which is better-- Walt Disney World or Universal Orlando Resort?” I can think of numerous times when we’ve had articles here on Theme Park Tourist having nothing to do with the debate where readers still

Behind the Ride: Despicable Me Minion Mayhem

Let’s take this opportunity to go Behind the Ride to understand what makes Minion Mayhem so wildly entertaining.

Revenge of the Mummy: Unearthing the In-Depth Story Behind Universal's Mummified Marvel

MODERN MARVELS: Revenge of the Mummy: For three thousand years, the restless spirit of the evil Imhotep has been sealed away inside of his tomb. But now, you are all that stands between the Mummy and the power to destroy the world. Join us as we dive into the tomb and explore the in-depth story behind Universal Orlando's astounding "psychological thrill ride" from curse to concept to clones. We'll brush away the sands of time and take a first-person ride on this E-Ticket adventure.

The Ride Count Countdown: How Disney & Universal Parks Stack Up

The best theme parks are balanced places, where rides, shows, restaurants, stories, walkthroughs, dark rides, and thrills coexist. But when it comes to your favorite can't-miss, must-see theme park experiences, chances are that rides make up the bulk of the list. How many rides does your favorite Disney or Universal park really have, though? Which resorts have the most sheer rides? The numbers may surprise you...

KONGFRONTATION: The Reigning King of Universal's Lost Legends

LOST LEGENDS: Kongfrontation: Derailed trains, falling sparks, downed electrical wires, crashing helicopters, and dangling six stories over churning waters... You'll wish that was all you were facing as all hell breaks loose aboard this chaotic creature encounter that scarred a generation of millennials and shaped Universal Studios Florida forever. Come face-to-face with Kong himself as we explore the classic Kongfrontation in-depth and explore why people just don't love its follow up, Reign of Kong.

The Best Rides at Universal Orlando Resort: What You Got Right and What You Got Very Wrong

What follows is a list of the top 10 attractions at Universal Orlando Resort as voted by all of you. I’ll also offer my feelings on what you got right and what you got very (very very) wrong.

JAWS: The Lost Universal Legend That Scared a Generation Out of the Water

LOST LEGENDS: Jaws: Lurking beneath the clouded surf, a menace is circling. Duh-dun. Duh-dun... In this in-depth feature, we'll risk becoming shark-bait as we explore the story of Universal's starring JAWS ride and the technical prowess and storytelling that could bring the great white to terrifying life. Then, we'll ride through the experience and explore what's in its place today. And for today's story, we're gonna need a bigger boat.

6 Universal Orlando Resort Restaurants That Even Disney Fans Will Love

They’re trying to trick you into missing out on some of the tastiest bites in Orlando. Here are six of the best restaurants at Universal Orlando.

A Wizard Ranks the Rides of Harry Potter

Hello, dear Muggles. It is I, Professor Minerva McGonagall, here to teach you about an important subject: Muggle rides at Universal Studios.

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