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The 5 Best Meals Money Can Buy at Universal Studios Florida: Counter Service

Universal is filled with creative, well-themed counter-service dining options.

The 5 Best and Worst Things About Mardi Gras at Universal Orlando Resort

In some ways highly reminiscent of a New Orleans blowout, and in other ways totally theme park fantasy, Universal’s Mardi Gras is a must-see for many people.

3 Reasons Why Theme Park Fans Need Disney AND Universal

Theme park fans often disagree about whether Disney or Universal parks offer a better experience. But here are 3 reasons why we benefit from both companies being successful.

Behind the Ride: 5 Mind-Bending Tricks Employed by Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

One of the most popular attractions at Universal Orlando is Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. Let’s once again go Behind the Ride to discover the tricks that elevate it to greatness.

The 4 Biggest Blunders Universal Orlando Ever Committed

Universal is every bit Disney's equal in theme park design. Unfortunately, that also means they're the company's equal in terms of large-scale blunders.

10 Iconic Disney and Universal Attractions That Look VERY Different From Above

These iconic Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando attractions are almost unrecognisable from the air.

4 Things Universal Could Learn from the Walt Disney Company

There are a vast multitude of reasons why Disney is still No. 1. Some of those are impossible for Universal to overcome, but there are still things that the new-look Universal can learn from its big brother down the block.

5 Things That Could Have Happened if Disney Had REALLY Bought Universal

Believe it or not, back in 2002 Disney was rumored to be interested in buying arch-rival Universal. What if it had really happened? On August 9, 2002, the Reuters news service carried a quote from Disney's then-Chief Financial Officer Thomas Staggs. Staggs was commenting on the likelihood of Disney

4 Things the Walt Disney Company Could Learn from Universal

While Disney has always been and very well may always be the king of Central Florida, there is a lot they can learn from the upstart neighbors next door.

3 Classic Universal Studios Florida Attractions That Were Gone Too Soon

These three departed attractions were an important part of the 1990s atmosphere.

6 Ways Universal's Mardi Gras Is Just Like the Real Thing (and 4 Ways It Differs)

Here’s a look at 6 ways that Universal gets it very right, and 4 ways that Universal’s version is less than authentic.

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