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Book Review: "Creating my own Nemesis" by John Wardley

Legendary ride designer John Wardley released his autobiography earlier this year. Is it worth a read for theme park fans? Theme park ride designers do not enjoy a high profile. Whereas movie directors such as Steven Spielberg receive plaudits for their work, it's unlikely that anybody stepping off

UK Theme Park Round-Up - October Review and November 2013 Preview

Round-up of UK theme park news from October and previews of what to expect this November.

Transatlantic Lessons: US vs UK Theme Parks

Here are a few things that US theme parks can learn from the UK, and that UK parks can learn from the US. Editor's note: The author of this article wishes to remain anonymous, so I've posted it under my name. It’s probably quite embarrassing that I’ve been to more theme parks in the US than I have

How I Overcame My Fear of Scare Mazes

To not do a Scare Maze is the scariest thing, apparently! I'm probably talking to the minority here if I were to relay the fact that I am not a fan of scare mazes. I really enjoy dark ride haunted house rides (the scarier the better) but, it's the actor addition that I find really difficult to cope

Why the UK Will Never See a New Wooden Roller Coaster

The UK will never see a new wooden roller coaster. Click here to read why.

Why the UK Will Never See a New Wooden Roller Coaster

The UK will never see a new wooden roller coaster. Click here to read why.

The Top 5 Drop Rides at UK Theme Parks

No theme park is complete without a drop tower: here are five of the UK's finest.

Tales from the Towers: Is the legend of Hex's Chained Oak real?

Hex - The Legend of the Towers is a popular ride at Alton Towers, and tells the story of a mystical, cursed oak tree. But is there any truth behind the attraction's storyline?

UK Theme Park Round-Up - September Review and October 2013 Preview

A look back at September and a preview of the scares to come from the UK parks in October.

Tales from the Towers: Britannia Park, the doomed rival to Alton Towers' crown

With Alton Towers established as Britain's leading theme park, rivals lined up to try and take the crown in the 1980s. Let's learn about one, the doomed Britannia Park.

Tales from the Towers: Alton Towers Village, the holiday complex that never was

Back in 1989, Alton Towers drew up plans for an on-site hotel and chalet complex that would host some 1,200 guests. It was never built, but we can take a look at what might have been.

The Best Rides and Attractions at Thorpe Park

A guide to the very best rides and attractions that Thorpe Park has to offer.

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