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UK Theme Park Round-Up - July Review and August 2014 Preview

Your news update on UK theme parks for July and August 2014. School’s out, sun’s out, and so are the crowds. Longer wait times for everything from rides to lunch to parking; hotter days, and busier parks can almost make us doubt why we waited all year for summer to come back. But there is much to be

12 MORE Underdog Theme Parks Stuck In Disney's Shadow

A little while ago, we shared a list of 12 Underdog Parks Stuck in Disney’s Shadow . Our intention was to highlight some of the lesser-known parks that simply get overlooked thanks to the massive budgets and advertising of Disney and Universal’s mega-resorts. The response was enormous, with readers

12 Underdog Theme Parks That Are Stuck In Disney's Shadow

How can we say this delicately? Disney and Universal will always win in the end. The resorts owned by those huge corporations have equally huge budgets that fuel innovation, marketing, and international draw that local parks simply can’t compete with. That’s why Disney and Universal creations almost

The 7 "Ancient" Wonders of the Theme Park World

"Ancient." You know what that means: curses, booby traps, and angry gods. We’re counting down our lists of the Wonders of the Theme Park World. If you missed our collection of the Seven " Natural " Wonders take a step back and see the incredible mountains, trees, and valleys all built by… well… we

UK Theme Park Round-Up - June Review and July 2014 Preview

Your June and July 2014 UK theme park news round-up from Theme Park Tourist. Summertime is an exciting few months for the UK theme parks. Opening hours are longer, nights are shorter, weather is warmer (well, hopefully), and the theme parks are home to extra ride hours and special events galore. Don

6 Incredible Roller Coasters That Prove Bigger Isn't Always Better

Talk about living in an era of extremes! It wasn’t too long ago that theme parks seemed to be entangled in a bloody feud to hold the most records. Roller coasters suddenly became taller, faster, steeper, and more expensive with parks proudly advertising their “world’s biggest,” “highest,” "longest,"

UK Theme Park Round-Up - May Review and June 2014 Preview

Theme Park Tourist's May and June 2014 news, reviews and previews for the UK theme parks.

The 9 Best and Worst Things About Life as a Theme Park Character

Characters and mascots are an essential part of the theme park experience, particularly at Disney theme parks. But what are the pros and cons of meeting-and-greeting guests every day?

UK Theme Park Round-Up - April Review and May 2014 Preview

Your news update for April and May in the British theme parks. April was a surprisingly quiet month for the UK theme parks, with the 2014 season officially up and running and well underway. Construction for Angry Birds Land and CBeebies Land continues, and both are expected to open this May. With

5 Shocking Examples of Cuddly Theme Park Mascots Turning EVIL

We all love the cuddly characters that meet-and-greet guests at theme parks. But every now and then, one of them switches to the dark side and becomes just a little evil... Since the opening day of Disneyland in 1955, characters and mascots have been a prominent feature at many theme parks. Indeed,

5 "Last-Minute" Decisions That Completely Changed Classic Theme Park Rides

Some of the most famous theme park attractions in the world could be VERY different if it wasn't for late decisions to completely change them. Here are 6 examples.

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