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4 Amazing Things to Do in Celebration, Fl.


 Celebration Golf Club

Image: Celebration Golf Club

If you want to do something more sporting, Celebration Golf Club is among the very best in Central Florida. 

Built in 1996, this course is the very last course co-designed by Robert Trent Jones Senior and Junior — a father-son duo who have designed hundreds of golf courses both together and separately. The course is challenging, with lots of water, tight fairways, and difficult sand obstacles.

Additionally, Celebration Golf Club offers a unique driving range with floating island greens. The result is a scenic and relaxing practice area that is unlike any other you’ve likely experienced before. 

Ultimately, Celebration Golf Club is a well-maintained, difficult golf course that exemplifies what golf should be like while on vacation. It is challenging but luxurious, thought-provoking but relaxing. If you like to golf, it’s a must-do destination in the Walt Disney World area.

Explore Nature

 wellingtoncorp, Flickr (license)

Image: wellingtoncorp, Flickr (license)

Celebration’s greatest attribute, however, has little to do with the designs of architects and golf course artisans. It is its tremendous green space, defined by a massive townside lake and numerous walking and running trails.

The centerpiece trail, which circles Lake Rianhard near the downtown area, is a surprising bit of Old Florida located in heart of everything New Florida. The residential streets all feature well-designed sidewalks, allowing visitors to explore the area and discover the numerous parks and greenways that inhabit it.

Celebration Lakeside Park features large and open green space, tennis courts, and a weekend farmer’s market. It offers a glimpse not only at the beautiful village of Celebration on the other side of the lake, but also the idyllic residential life Celebration was always meant to represent.

That is, ultimately, the main takeaway from a day at Celebration. Yes, it was a wholly-masterplanned community built by one of the largest corporations on Earth. Yet, somehow, it captures a kind of classically American view of what life outside of work was meant to look like. And, importantly, it evokes the dream Walt Disney himself put forward when he first announced the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow in the middle part of the 20th Century. 

All it really needs is some public transportation to turn it into the true New Urban utopia Walt originally envisioned. Maybe someday, Disney will extend the Skyliner Gondola down that way and complete the mission.

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