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7 Disney Restaurants That Are Worth Their INSANE Prices

The Hollywood Brown Derby

Image: DisneyIn the earliest days of Hollywood’s Golden Age, the derby hat signified wealth and prosperity. One enterprising restauranteur designed an entire eatery in the shape of a derby hat. Despite the cheesy nature of the shape, this establishment became the go-to place for studio bosses to do lunch.

The Brown Derby opened in 1926, but it had fallen out of favor by the 1980s. Disney chose to reinvigorate the brand by introducing their own version, the Hollywood Brown Derby, at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This place is so authentic that there’s even a version of the original Cobb salad on the menu. Why is this important? The original Brown Derby invented the Cobb salad!

The cuisine here is decidedly upscale, even by Signature Dining standards. I wouldn’t settle for an ordinary meal, though. At The Hollywood Brown Derby, you may Dine with an Imagineer three times a week. These experiences cost a bit more, but the experience totally justifies the cost. You can learn many insider stories about the inner workings of Disney while devouring a four-course meal. It’s a spectacular opportunity that’s only available at this restaurant.

Spirit of Aloha

Image: DisneyImagine if you could have the food from ‘Ohana, the bread from Kona Café, and all the beer that you can drink. No, I’m not describing Heaven, but I also can’t rule out the possibility that an eternal paradise would include such offerings.

Yes, the cuisine at Spirit of Aloha is from the same kitchen that prepares meals for other restaurants at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. Pork, chicken, ribs, and veggies are All You Care to Enjoy here, meaning that when your skillet is empty, you just ask for more.

The same is true of the alcoholic beverages. A limitless supply is part of the meal price, as is the tip. So, the price that you pay (in advance) is what your meal will cost, which helps. Plan to eat and drink as much as possible to maximize your investment since Spirit of Aloha isn’t cheap.

While I mark out over the food here, it’s not even the best part. A terrific show takes place in front of you while you eat. The first half of it is like a cornball Hallmark movie, one where everyone but a man and woman know that they’re inevitably going to become a couple. But the second half has fire-dancing and hula skills that will blow your mind. It’s astonishingly good.

Storybook Dining at Artist Point

Image: DisneyThe newest dinner on this list is a character meal starring Disney’s first Princess. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs triggered the world’s obsession with Disney animated movies, and she finally stars in a meal of her own, too.

Hosted at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, Artist Point was already a Signature Dining experience featuring tasty cuisine. For whatever reason, however, foot traffic to the restaurant has slowed in recent years. Park officials saw an opportunity to reinvigorate Artist Point without altering its theme. They came up with Storybook Dining as the way to remind guests of the greatness of Artist Point.

The results are splendid. Diners get to interact with Snow White and two of her Dwarfs, Dopey and Grumpy. The Evil Queen also attends, although you should decline if she tries to offer you any food. Speaking of the cuisine, Storybook Dining is a prix fixe meal with magical concoctions. Some of the items smoke and glow, adding a bit of mystery and excitement to the affair. Fans of Disney’s first Princess owe it to themselves to dine here.

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