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The Foodie's Guide to The Best Value, Moderate, and Deluxe Disney Resorts

Other than Epcot and arguably Disney’s Animal Kingdom, theme park food at Walt Disney World isn’t consistently great. Sure, some eateries serve delicious cuisine at Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but many are, let’s say, less than outstanding.

Sometimes, the best food imaginable is available right in your hotel. It’s more convenient and comfortable. Which place cooks the cuisine that reigns supreme? Here’s one person’s ranking of the best Disney resorts for dining.

8. Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Image: DisneyOne of the dirty secrets at Walt Disney World is that membership has its privileges. When you stay at higher quality resorts, you open yourself up to a better standard of restaurants. This list reflects the reality of the situation. It’s almost exclusively comprised of Deluxe Tier resorts, but there are a couple of exceptions.

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is the laudable exception in the Value Resort category. They have a restaurant that’s effectively a food court, and it serves so many tasty entrees that you may never need to eat elsewhere on the Disney campus. I’m speaking of Landscape of Flavors, of course. Technically, it’s one of three ways to eat at the hotel, counting in-room pizza delivery.

The food court at Art of Animation is the primary stomping grounds for guests at multiple Value Resorts, though. They love it because it sells seemingly everything. Watch this video or read the menu to see what I mean. It’s like eating at your mall food court, only nobody gets guilted into having Sbarro!

7. Disney’s Beach Club Resort

Image: DisneyAre you wondering about the low ranking? I decided it would be cheating to include the restaurants at the Yacht Club, too. So, I’ve only factored in places specifically in the Beach Club portion of the shared campus. In other words, Yachtsman Steakhouse doesn’t count. What does?

I’m a huge fan of the character breakfast at Cape May Café. Minnie’s Beach Bash Breakfast is a delightful way to chow down on lots of delightful morning goodies while seeing Minnie Mouse in her stylish beach attire. In the evening, you can eat a killer seafood dinner here, too.

The resort also hosts a hidden gem, Beaches and Cream Soda Shop is a throwback themed restaurant set in the age of the sock hop. And it features the most decadent of all Disney desserts, the Kitchen Sink! Even Beach Club Marketplace works in a pinch, with several entrees that will cure the ills of an empty stomach.

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