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World Showcase is often thought of as the duller and more educational side of Disney. While it’s true that there’s a lot to learn here, World Showcase is still made in the Disney mold and features plenty of memorable shows, performers, and attractions. Short wait times, even during the holiday rush, prove that many of the fun features of World Showcase go overlooked, tucked back in their respective countries. However, these 5 features simply can't be missed!

1. Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Cabalerros

Gran Fiesta Tour

Until the new Frozen ride opens, this is the only ride in World Showcase, yet it’s almost always a walk-on. This boat ride is well worth a trip inside the pyramid that encloses most of the Mexico pavilion. If you like it’s a small world, you may find this attraction similar in many ways. You travel through colorful villages with dancing dolls for several scenes. You’ll also find animated videos featuring the Three Cabalerros to make the ride a little more engaging for younger visitors. If you’re a fan of hidden Mickeys, watch the smoke rising from the volcano on the left wall at the beginning of the ride. It forms the shape of a Mickey periodically.

2. Impressions de France 

Image: Disney

Impressions de France is an 18-minute movie in the France pavilion. The widescreen theater offers a 200-degree view of several breathtaking scenes that take you through the landscape of France. Unlike the O Canada and Reflections of China theaters in World Showcase, this one has seating so you can kick back and really relax as you take in this film. Impressions de France is set near the very back of the France pavilion so you won’t see it as you just pass by on the streets. You really need to head deeper into the country.

3. O Canada!


O Canada is another 18-minute movie in World Showcase. This one stand out thanks to its famous narrator – Martin Short. Shown in circle-vision, this movie puts you a 360 degree theater so the images literally surround you throughout. For this reason, it doesn’t make sense to have seating in the theater, but it’s worth noting that you won’t get to sit since you may not be thinking of much else if you’ve travelled the length of World Showcase from Mexico to this point. Start at Canada, however, and you should have plenty of energy left to stand through the film.

Like Impresssions de France, O Canada is set at the back of the country, which probably contributes to the typically small crowds. It’s worth making it back for many reasons, though. The exit area from the film is also where you’ll find KidCot with free children’s activities to help you collect stamps from around the world.


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