Wildcat's Revenge, Hersheypark

UPDATE July 28 - There is good news for Hersheypark fans, the park announced yesterday on their official Facebook page that Wildcat's Revenge would reopen today (July 28). Wildcat's Revenge has been closed since Thursday, July 20. As of now, we still remain unsure the exact reason for this unexpected closure.

There were speculations as to the reason including adding extra support to the wood structure or work on the sensors. 

Wildcat's Revenge, Hersheypark
Image: Hershepark

New rides often see short closures after opening to smooth out any issues and we are really pleased that this downtime has only lasted a week.

June 6 - Wildcat's Revenge is now open at Hersheypark and it is certainly causing a stir. This highly anticipated Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) reimagining which is the first in Pennsylvania does not appear to be disappointing guests with initial reviews focusing on the smoothness and intense thrill elements it incorporates.

Even before you get to the lift hill, you hit the ground running with high speed twists and turns. The coaster hits a top speed of 62 miles per hour on its impressive 3,510 feet of track and 2 minute 36 second duration. After the 140-foot lift hill, riders plunge 82-degrees taking on four inversions including the World's Largest Underflip, a counterclockwise 270° roll and a dive down. It is certainly not a ride for the faint hearted and is a far cry from the original Wildcat. Check out an official POV posted to YouTube by ElToroRyan showing exactly what riders have in store. 

We heard at the end of May Hersheypark that Wildcat's Revenge would open on Friday June 2. We have been keeping you up to date with the construction progress for this highly anticipated RMC reimagining which can be seen below.

Testing begun a couple of weeks ago which can be seen in the video posted to YouTube by DisneyLoversHP. These are certainly exciting times for Hersheypark fans and there is only just over a week to go now until Wildcat's Revenge will officially open. We will bring you the first reactions here at Theme Park Tourist.

When it opens it will be Hersheypark's 15th coaster and will feature a 140-foot lift hill, max speeds of 62 MPH, and the World’s Largest Underflip. We are very excited for the opening and we will bring you news of the developments and ride reviews from opening day!

May 4 -  Work has been progressing very fast in recent months on Wildcat's Revenge at Hersheypark. In the video update posted to YouTube by DisneyLoversHP on April 29, you can see detailed footage of all the changes and developments that have taken place during April.

Workers can be seen installing track for the helix which had been laying on the pathways with guests having to take an alternate route. You can also see workers putting the lift hill chain in place as well as steel cross ties. It is certainly all go.

So, to summarise how things currently look:

  • Track is now installed for the lift hill and the lift hill chain is now in place.
  • The new Wildcat's revenge sign is now in place on the maintenance building and on the side of the station. 
  • The sign is also in place at the entrance. Just a note, it appears that the new entrance to Wildcat's Revenge will be the former exit of Wildcat and the exit for Wildcat's Revenge will be the former entrance of Wildcat. So, essentially the entrance and exit is now the opposite way around. 
  • New wooden railings have been added to potentially extend the queue line which is certainly expected to be needed when Wildcat's Revenge opens.
  • One of the trains is now sitting in the unload station.

This RMC overhaul should certainly put Hersheypark firmly on the map for all theme park enthusiasts. We are hoping to have news of when testing is going to start on Wildcat's Revenge in the coming weeks. We will keep you posted on further updates here at Theme Park Tourist.

Wildcat's Revenge, Hersheypark
Image: Hersheypark

April 6 - Hersheypark officially opened for the 2023 season on April 1 and here is the latest update showing video footage of the current progress on Wildcat's Revenge which is slated to open at this summer! 

DisneyLoversHP have posted a new video update from opening day which is embedded below. Wildcat's Revenge can be seen starting 3:32 and running to 5:26. You can clearly see the doubled height of the turnaround, work being done on the beginning of the lift hill, the wave turn and the airtime hill. The former entrance of Wildcat is shown and this is set to have a new roof and be re-used for Wildcat's Revenge.

The video also shows the new station for the Dry Gulch Railroad station which has had a complete upgrade. The former building housing The Whip now has walls surrounding it and construction work is being done including a number of cosmetic changes. Hersheypark announced in January that The Whip would be permanently removed and would not open for the 2023 season. We are currently unsure of what Hersheypark has planned for this area but we will update you with further details when we have them.

April 1 - Work continues to progress on Wildcat's Revenge which is slated to open this summer at Hersheypark. DisneyLoversHP have posted a video update to YouTube this week which shows how Wildcat's Revenge currently looks.

From the video (time stamp 4:23) we can now see that the airtime hill is completed and track is being installed on the zero-g stall element. The height of the second fan turn is being raised and the black structure is in place for the beginnings of the lift hill which we expect will be the construction focus in the coming weeks. The outer walls have been completed which will have the new Wildcat's Revenge logo on them.

We will bring you further updates on the construction of Wildcat's Revenge this coming week as the park opens for the season today. 

Here is the up to date opening information for the spring season at Hersheypark. The park will be open for eight weekends from April 1, 2023, through May 21, 2023, as well as Friday, April 7, 2023, and Fridays throughout May. Daily summer operations begin on May 25, 2023, with The Boardwalk At Hersheypark water park opening for the summer on May 27, 2023.

February 28 - For anyone who is interested in the construction progress being made on Wildcat's Revenge at Hersheypark, you are not going to want to miss this video which has been posted by The Coaster Spot and is embedded below.

The video shows amazing aerial video footage taken on February 19. New track has arrived on site with some currently sitting at the bottom of the underflip, roof tiling on the station now looks nearly complete and the beginnings of the transfer table has been added including supports and rails. Foundation work can be seen around the site with footers having been dug in several areas including the approach to the lift hill.  You can see three sections where new structure has been added:

  1. Section leading into the brake run
  2. Giant turnaround first way turn
  3. Exiting zero-g stall 

We will continue to update on construction progress on Wildcat's Revenge as we head closer and closer to scheduled spring opening. Do you think Wildcat's Revenge will open on time? Which section are you most excited about?

February 8 - We are closely following the construction progress of Wildcat's Revenge which is set to open at Hersheypark this summer. Hersheypark has released a POV video showing the new track layout for Wildcat's Revenge. You can clearly see the underflip and the numerous head chopper effects there will be. Check it out for yourself below.

For anyone who is interested in learning more details about the continued construction progress on Wildcat's Revenge and to hear from the Hersheypark maintenance team, click on and watch the video embedded below which is taken from a recent construction tour of the site.

February 1 - Hersheypark fans should be getting very excited about the upcoming Wildcat's Revenge which is slated to open at the park this summer. Work is moving very fast and we bring you another construction update showing you all the latest from Wildcat's Revenge. 

You can see in the video embedded below the very impressive completed underflip with beams at the top which should provide thrilling head chopper effects for guests, new steel beams and track installed underneath the underflip element, new lumber being added to re-profile the structure around the original fan turn which was eliminated in the concept art as well as new beams and track and new steel roofing being worked on of the old elevator tower.

As you can see, construction is moving very fast and we are expecting to see additional track and cross beams added in the next few weeks as well as work beginning on installing the life hill. Are you excited about Wildcat's Revenge? We will keep you updated on further construction progress here at Theme Park Torurist.

January 23 - The world's largest underflip is now complete on Wildcat's Revenge at Hersheypark. Yesterday Hersheypark posted photos on their Instagram page of the completed track.


The vibrant red track can be clearly seen in the photos above. This inversion begins with an upward climb, followed by a counterclockwise 270° roll and a dive down towards the side. It is sure to be a thrilling part of Wildcat's Revenge when it opens this summer.

We can also see all the latest progress which is being made to Wildcat's Revenge through a host of photos which have been posted on Instagram by Rushing Thrills. These show how Wildcat's Revenge currently looks. 

Workers are on site and not only has the underflip now been completed but wood is being added to strengthen the structure to support the heavier RMC trains and track. The tiling on the roof of the station is also continuing and we have heard that this is expected to be completed by the end of this week. We will update you on further progress in this exciting RMC revamp in the coming weeks and months here on Theme Park Tourist.


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