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This debate may seem to many people as a silly one. We are still currently in the midst of a world pandemic and because of this attendance has had to be capped at every theme park that has reopened to ensure proper physical distancing can take place and health and safety can be managed effectively.

This fundamental reason goes without saying so we tried to dig a little deeper and broke it down into three possible headings as to why guests, even when fundamentally it is possible right now to buy a ticket, make a reservation and go that many are choosing not to.

So first things first, Florida continues to have very high numbers of reported COVID-19 cases. Would you want to risk going to a Florida theme park right now? We aren't just talking about Florida with many Cedar Fair and six Flags parks also struggling to entice guests back to their parks across the US.

Secondly, merely mentioning the words "mandatory mask wearing" usually breaks majority of people out in a sweat. Currently this is the case for majority of theme parks, including Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, SeaWorld, Six Flags, Cedar Point etc. 

Thirdly, there is no getting away from the fact that COVID-19 has has a massive impact on the economy and people's finances. Even if you did feel comfortable that all necessary measures are in place to make theme parks as safe as they can be and could manage wearing a mask whilst in the park, can you actually afford it right now?

Those were our main choices and interestingly other very valid points have come to light during this debate which will be discussed later on. So what do you think?...

Results - Why Do YOU Think Theme Park Attendance Is So Low?

Mask wearing, Disney
Image: Disney

With any voluntary poll, you always expect that there may be a bias in that those that care deeply about the subject will vote but I guess there is no getting away from that. In this case, I think most readers have found this topic quite unbelievable. For those who don't see the value in these polls, head to our News Page or Features Page to check out our other articles.

So, here are the results as they currently stand for what the reason is for low attendance at theme parks. We are discounting the obvious answer which is "because attendance is capped" There has been a good amount of interest and participation in this poll which is encouraging to see:

  • Mandatory Mask Wearing - 35%
  • Lack of money to spend on theme park trips - 10%
  • High number of reported COVID-19 cases - 55%

Over half of you have voted that the main reason is the high number of reported COVID-19 cases in Florida which understandably makes sense, although numerous comments say how safe some guests have felt when actually in the parks due to all the safety meaures that Disney have put into place and the lengths they are going to to enforce them. Unsurprisingly 35% voted that mask wearing was the main issue with 10% stating that it is the lack of money. 

Your comments and thoughts

Hagrid, Universal
Image: Universal

We always love to hear your comments and views on our polls so I thought it would be a good idea to pick out a few to share with you in these results articles, I will always aim to get the best balance I can to show both sides of the debate:

"I think in addition to what has been mentioned, Disney has greatly underestimated the desire for parents to keep their children safe. For many families it just isn’t worth the risk. I am a teacher and the vast majority of parents are opting for virtual learning because they do not want to risk their child getting sick."

"I've watched intently the precautions Disney has taken and would feel very comfortable going to the parks however I've also watched how Florida has behaved. If I could go to Disney without setting foot in Florida I'd go in a heart beat. Florida's response to Covid is what's hurting theme parks."

"I adore Disney. But even if I was willing to pay full price for an experience that is mediocre right now, I don't want to wear a mask on a germ infested plane or in the Florida heat. Also with the way things change, there are no guarantees travel restrictions or quarantines wouldn't change while I'm trying to enjoy my vacation, making it a hassle to get back home. Too many unknowns."

Mask wearing, Disney
Image: Disney

"Because Florida’s numbers keep getting higher. Walking around with a mask in the heat sounds horrible. No characters. No fireworks or parades and so on. Half the experience for the same price is also a problem."

"You are in a pandemic. Even with precautions, it's still a risk that many don't feel it's worth taking. Until there's a working vaccine and everyone is vaccinated; life will not return to normal. It's that plain and simple. So, enjoying fun things like Disney; isn't on the menu for most."

"I think the reduced numbers would make for an awesome experience, but I refuse to wear a mask anymore than I have to and especially outdoors, so I won't go right now..."

"Just got back home from Orlando. Considered doing a day at Disney, but after wearing masks for a few hours at a different venue, we couldn’t justify spending full price to experience a percentage of the normal park in such an uncomfortable manner. If masks weren’t required and the park had been open with parade and fireworks, we would have been there!"

"I looked into going to Disney this Fall. Low airfares, minimal crowds, and mask mandates was appealing. But when I looked at staying on property the lowest cost resort was Pop Century at $200/night. If Disney wants to draw people in then maybe they should consider discounting their hotels or offering some other type of discount like free dining."

"My only reason for not going is the fact that it’s summer, which means it’s extremely hot and muggy, and on top of the heat, you want me to wear a mask all day. I was an annual pass holder for 14 years. Loved going, but not during July or August and definitely couldn’t have survived in a mask. Good luck and have fun to those that are braving it!"

"Two things, The Mask and The Cost. Get rid of the mask and lower the price a little bit and see what happens"

SeaWorld Orlando
Image: SeaWorld

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