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On Thursday May 21, Universal Orlando Resort revealed their theme park reopening plan which has been approved by Orange County and is now waiting final approval from the Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis. As expected, it includes a phased approach that will limit capacity to begin with and then scale upwards when possible, starting with Universal opening for team members on June 1 to test new protocols, followed by Annual Passholders June 3 and 4 and then scaling up to the general public on June 5.

To many people this date, which is less than two weeks away, may come as quite a surprise. The plans come with the new safety measures put in place, including mask wearing and temperature testing at the entrance. For a full list of these see, Universal Plans To Reopen To The Public On June 5, 2020.

Universal Orlando Resort entrance
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For weeks there has been speculation as to when theme parks will be able to reopen their gates and we are now a massive step closer with this announcement from Universal. Surely, an official update from Walt Disney World is just around the corner, with many expecting an announcement next week regarding their reopening plans. Will a date be included?, we will have to wait and see.

Our last poll has now been running for nearly a week and there has been a massive response. I will kick off with the current results before introducing poll 18, so here goes.

Poll 17 Results- When Do YOU Think Walt Disney World Theme Parks Are Going To Reopen?

This is the question we are still waiting to hear news about. We now know Universal Orlando Resorts reopening plans and proposed dates, come on Disney, let us have the answer. Okay, so now we are hopefully only days away from knowing when those magical gates are going to reopen to annual passholders and the general public.

Park Entrance
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We asked the question, when do YOU think Walt Disney World Theme Parks Are Going To Reopen? Here are the results so far:

  • June 2020 - 16%
  • July 2020 - 49%
  • August 2020 - 18%
  • September 2020 - 9%
  • October 2020 - 3%
  • November 2020 - 0%
  • December 2020 - 0%
  • January 2021 - 5%

Well there are currently 49% of readers that think a July reopening for Walt Disney World is likely to happen, interestingly 16% of readers have said June which may be the correct answer if Universal Orlando Resort is anything to go by? 5% are going with January 2021 which although looks unlikely at the moment, right now we still really don't know.

Guidelines are surely being reviewed on a daily basis regarding infection rates and as I said earlier we have just got to  wait and see. Hopefully though, the wait is nearly over now and will keep you up to date with the latest news from Disney on our News Page and Facebook Page so be sure to check us out daily. 

Don't worry if you haven't voted there is still time and if you have voted you may need to vote again based on the news from Universal this week!

Just CLICK HERE to have your say and don't forget to share this with your friends and family.  

Main Street, Disney's Magic Kingdom
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Poll 18 - Do You Think Universal Orlando Resort Is Opening Too Soon?

Theme park fans have been split in opinion over a number of topics during the COVID-19 crisis so far and this topic I feel will be no different. It is the natural question to ask and the reasons for your answers are likely to be based on your opinion, yes, but also your situation and circumstances.

As is discussed in this article, Here's Why Universal Orlando Resort Is Pushing to Open So Quickly, there are valid reasons for the reopening of Universal Orlando Resort right now and there are also valid reasons to delay the reopening at the moment.

I think the important thing to remember is that everyone has their own opinion and that is okay. We always love to hear your comments and views. Please remember to be respectful of others when replying to these comments. We have a great community of readers at Theme Park Tourist and although these are difficult and frustrating times, we need to continue to support and respect each others opinions on these issues.

Hagrid, Universal
Image: Universal

So, knowing that Universal Orlando Resort plans to reopen its theme parks on June 5, Do you think Universal Orlando Resort is opening too soon? The simple choices are shown here:

  • Yes
  • No 

There isn't an option to sit on the fence here, it boils down to the simple answers, yes or no. I am looking forward to hearing your views and your comments.

CLICK HERE to have your say and as usual don't forget to share this with your friends and family. I will update you with the updated results to poll 17 and 18 in my next poll article which is coming soon.


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