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Universal Prepares To Announce Revolutionary New Park Next Week

Though Universal has only ever offered a firm "no comment" when it comes to its massive Real Estate purchase from the day before Christmas in 2015, their plans to build new theme parks on this land has been a very poorly-kept secret for several years now, with the new park plans being quietly confirmed inside Comcast's second-quarter 2018 financial results. And though the company finally went on record earlier this year and confirmed that it was indeed developing a new "gate" in Florida, it looks like we are finally about to get the first real details about this new park at a mystery event Universal is holding next week. 

Universal making a "Major Announcement" next week

It was confirmed this week that Universal Orlando Resort would be making a major announcement on August 1, and is holding a press conference at the Orange County Convention Center to unveil this surprise. And though it hasn't been confirmed, considering this is such a big event we're assuming that Universal will finally, officially unveil their newest theme park, tentatively named "Fantastic Worlds" to the world. So what will we learn?

Universal's answer to the Magic Kingdom

Universal has always tried to be a little different than its magical neighbor next door, but thanks to a leaked document posted by Attractions Magazine earlier this year, it looks like Universal is trying to build the next Magic Kingdom, saying:

Whilst our creative teams are still in the early stages of developing this new park, we can already reveal some more details besides just the [Fantastic Worlds] name. The park will be designed in a ‘hub and spoke’ design, with a central icon and space, known as a ‘hub,’ allowing for easy wayfinding between the many immersive ‘Worlds.’”

And while there isn't much information right now about what "Worlds" guests will be transported to, we do know at least one IP that will have a strong presence in this new park... 

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