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Universal Finally Confirms New Theme Park in Latest Financial Results

Universal's new park has finally been confirmed to be in development, but no details are available yet

Image: CBRE

Though Universal has only ever offered a firm "no comment" when it comes to its massive land buy from the day before Christmas in 2015, their plans to build new theme parks on this land has been a very poorly-kept secret for several years now. However, during Comcast's second-quarter 2018 conference call the company finally went on record and confirmed that it is developing a new "gate" in Florida and has even filed name registrations.

Though executives declined to confirm any specific names for the new park(s) during the call, the Orlando Business Journal reports that Universal filed a multi-use trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently for the name "Universal's Epic Universe" for a variety of uses, including amusement park attractions, live stage performances, and merchandise. In addition, the company also trademarked the name "Fantastic Worlds" back in June, but current speculation is that this name likely refers to a specific in-park location, rather than a park itself. 

Though it has been nearly two decades since Islands of Adventure opened at Universal Orlando Resort, fans have always been excited by the prospect of a third Universal park joining the lineup at this growing resort, and while it looks like it is going to be a long time before we actually learn some concrete details about this project, it is good that Universal is finally at least acknowledging that they are actually developing a new park, which hopefully means some momentum is building behind the scenes and Universal will start building on its massive land parcel (which technically doubles the resort size). 

While we don't know exactly what is going on with attendance at Universal Orlando Resort so far this year, it looks like these theme parks are still making plenty of money for parent company Comcast, and the project to bring a new theme park (or two!) to the resort is chugging along (albeit slowly!) Are you excited to see what's next for Universal? 

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