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Surprise! New Jurassic Park Roller Coaster Confirmed to be Coming to Islands of Adventure

Impact to existing Jurassic Park area will be minimal

Image: Universal Orlando Resort

While details are sparse about this new attraction, the good news is that it doesn't look like any current attractions will be sacrificed to build this roller coaster, which, according to a mock-up created by WFTV (that you can see here) will largely fly over developed areas of the Jurassic Park area. In fact, the only attraction areas that seem like they will be affected by construction will be the former Triceratops Encounter (which has long-been closed) as well as the Raptor Encounter (which could easily be moved). This is definitely good news, as many of Universal's newest attractions have required the shutdown of older attractions, so it's nice to see Universal building something in an unused area of the park that won't have any big impact on current rides. 

Could this be the beginning of a soft switch to a "Jurassic World" theme for this new area?

Image: Universal Studios Hollywood

Though Jurassic Park is its own giant franchise, many have wondered if Universal might try and bring this land into the 21st century by re-theming this land as "Jurassic World" after the latest series of movies. This move wouldn't be without precedent, as Jurassic World is coming to Universal Studios Hollywood later in 2019 as their version of the Jurassic Park water ride is re-themed to Jurassic World. We don't quite know what changes are being made to this attraction to make it more relevant to the newer series of movies, but considering this re-themed ride is supposed to open later this year, we should know more soon. 

And while Islands of Adventure has not announced any changes for their version of the Jurassic Park ride just yet, the addition of this roller coaster in 1-2 years could make room for them to eventually re-theme their version of this ride, just in time for a soft transformation from Jurassic Park into Jurassic World.

Though there is still plenty we do not know about this new Jurassic Park roller coaster, at least it has been confirmed that Universal is officially proceeding with development on this attraction. Hopefully we will learn more about their official plans for this area (including a possible soft transition into Jurassic World) in the very near future as construction begins to ramp up on this brand new project! 

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