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The History You DON'T Know Behind the Most Prominent Character in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

5. He might be the galaxy’s only double-double agent

Hondo and Ezra Bridger

Image: Disney

Even the most enigmatic Weequay in the galaxy can’t win ‘em all, and things took a bit of a sour turn for Hondo during the years of the Galactic Civil War. The Empire dismantled his pirate gang, leaving him to live the life of a crazy old swindler alone.

He bobbed back into galactic affairs when he stumbled across rebel freedom fighter, Ezra Bridger (in the show Star Wars Rebels), during a convoluted attempt to steal some power generators. As usual, Hondo attempted to double-cross Bridger and his clients, and he nearly escaped with the coveted loot, but he was ultimately foiled by Bridger and the crew of the starship Ghost. From that point on, Hondo came to view Ezra as something of a protégé (no matter how much the latter protested).

It’s difficult business to keep track of Hondo’s movements during this time because he became what can only be described as a double-double agent. You just couldn’t tell whose side he was actually on. He repeatedly inserted himself into both Rebel and Imperial affairs, switching allegiances quicker than most people can switch socks.

In one incident, he alerted both the Rebellion and the Empire about the survival of a group of Lasat refugees—claiming that he only did so because he knew the rebels would ultimately save the day. When he was captured by Imperial intelligence, Hondo wasted no time betraying the location of the rebels, only to then surreptitiously warn them of the Empire’s plans. He aided the rebels again in their ultimate escape from the Imperials, but then immediately turned around again to help the Empire hunt the crew of the Ghost down. Just when it seemed the Empire had the Ghost in their clutches, Hondo somehow convinced the Empire to give up the chase entirely.

This circus of back-and-forth switches continued repeatedly throughout Hondo’s history during this time. Ultimately, it seemed like his sympathies were ultimately leaning towards favoring the Rebellion. Fascinatingly, he also managed to refound his crew during this stage—only instead of recruiting a duplicitous band of Weequays, his new crew was made up entirely of liberated Ugnaught slaves (those little pig-head guys who toss C-3PO's head around in The Empire Strikes Back). Hondo referred to them as his “short, fragrant family”.

6. He may also have proven instrumental in liberating an entire planet

Hondo on a Tank

Image: Lucasfilm

Hondo always had something of a soft spot for the young, and this sentiment especially developed towards Ezra Bridger. Despite his repeated side-switching, Hondo ultimately maintained a sense of honor and agreed to aid Ezra in the liberation of his homeworld, Lothal, from the Empire.

Initially, it looked like Hondo would surely drift back to his double crossing ways, but he ultimately proved key in the Battle of Lothal. He conceived a dangerous (and appropriately batty) ploy that allowed the Ghost to slip past the planet’s Imperial blockade, then stuck with the rebels through a multi-stage harrowing operation to reclaim Lothal. While the cost ended up being great for the crew of the Ghost, the operation succeeded, and Imperial rule never again returned to Ezra’s homeworld. Hondo had finally picked a side.

7. He somehow swindled his way into control of the Millennium Falcon

Hondo and Chewbacca

Image: Disney

Hondo drifted back into obscurity until the time of the war between the First Order and the Resistance (the era surrounding the films The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi). This is where his connection to Walt Disney World and Disneyland becomes more concrete. At some point, Hondo began a new venture on the planet Batuu—Ohnaka Transport Solutions, a “perfectly legitimate” shipping company. Hondo quickly cemented something of a reputation in the outpost with his connections to Dok Ondar and his tales of outwitting Jedi.

When the Resistance established a presence in the outpost, Hondo formed a partnership with his old-time contact, Chewbacca. By the time we reach Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run, Hondo has turned Ohnaka Shipping Solutions into a fully operational import-export business. While it seems that Chewie and Hondo’s relationship is amicable, the sense you get on Smuggler’s Run is that Chewie wasn’t entirely prepared for Hondo to start hiring every rag-tag drifter on Batuu (aka we butter-fingered tourists) to fly the Falcon on smuggling jobs with tenuous ties to the Resistance.

Hondo’s presence ultimately gives Smuggler’s Run a really fun sense of personality, and he holds nothing back coercing you into flying the ship then simultaneously trolling you if you don’t do a good job (both in crewing the Falcon and even in jobs within the Star Wars Datapad app). Smuggler’s Run isn’t the end of Hondo’s exploits, however.

8. He wrote a book of legendary wisdom

Hondo verses Chirrut Imwe

Image: Disney

Apparently, there is a such thing as The Book of Hondo in the Star Wars universe.

Never one to stay idle, Hondo at some point found time to pen an entire archive of his particular brand of wisdom: tidbits like “stealing” an opportunity instead of waiting for one. The book ultimately became an influential work in the fringe underworld, even inspiring the infamous pirate, The Crimson Corsair.

We can only assume some of Hondo’s other greatest lines were included in the Book of Hondo, like “Speak softly and drive a big tank”, or “Insolence? We are pirates! We don’t even know what that means!”, or even better, “As my sweet mother always said, ‘Son, if one hostage is good, two are better. And three, well, that’s good business!’”

9. He took the personal honor of welcoming the first guests into Galaxy’s Edge

Video: YouTube, Attractions Magazine

Who know what other absurd adventures Hondo will have in Star Wars tales to come, but he did claim a singular honor when the time came for the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Hondo made a live action appearance (not as an animatronic, mind you) and took the personal role of welcoming the first guests into the Black Spire Outpost. While this version of Hondo has only appeared thus far at media events, the footage of the appearance is pure magic, and we can be sure that Hondo has a permanent place in Galaxy’s Edge infamy now. Disney’s own “Most Interesting Man in the Universe” likely won’t be flying quite as far under the radar as he used to be…

Is Hondo Ohnaka Disney’s most insane character ever? Maybe. Maybe not. We can definitely say his complicated tale has certainly made the Star Wars saga even more interesting, and we’re happy to see his particularly brand of eccentric brought to life at Disney parks.

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