There are many adjectives that can be used to describe a Walt Disney World vacation. Thrilling. Amazing. Life-changing, even. However, while a trip to the Most Magical Place on Earth can be all of that and more, you know what it also can be? Tiring. And when you’ve got nothing in the tank, but you really want to make it to Midnight on Main Street USA for that Kiss Goodnight, you’ll probably be looking for your nearest cup of Java to help give you that little boost to power through your afternoon. However, as any coffee enthusiast knows not all cups of coffee are created equal, and Walt Disney World is no different. Here are some of the best cups of java you can sip when you need a little pick me up during your next visit to the resort:  

10. Your favorite drink – Starbucks (Various locations around Walt Disney World)

There’s a reason why Starbucks is a household name. They make good coffee. However, no matter where you're from, chances are good you have a Starbucks at home, which makes a stop here during a visit to Walt Disney World a little less exciting than other options on this list. However, if you’re just looking for something comfortable, safe, and reminiscent of home, none of the six Starbucks locations at Walt Disney World will do you wrong, and you’ll be able to perk up with your favorite cup, no matter where the day takes you.

9. Flavored Latte – Joffrey’s Espresso Kiosks (Various locations around Walt Disney World) 

Image: Disney

Joffrey’s Espresso is another large coffee chain that serves up drinks at various locations around Walt Disney World, but there are two things that give Joffrey’s a slight edge over Starbucks. First of all, it’s not very easy to find a Joffrey’s location outside of Walt Disney World, making this a little bit more exclusive to Disney, and second of all, Joffrey’s locations feature a fun, seasonal rotating menu that includes indulgences like Pumpkin Pie Flavored Lattes in the fall and Chocolate Coconut Flavored Lattes in time for Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking for something sweet but want to try something that might be just a toe out of your comfort zone, Joffrey’s is a great option. 

8. Moorish Coffee – Tangerine Café (Morocco Pavilion  - Epcot)

Image: Disney

Though you might not immediately think of Epcot's Morocco pavilion as being a must-stop for coffee, this location's Tangerine Café quick service location serves a uniquely sweet drink known as Moorish Coffee that is infused with cinnamon and nutmeg. And for only $3.50 a cup, this is not only a delicious option, but one of the least expensive cups of coffee on Walt Disney World property as well! 

7. Cappuccino Glace  - L'Artisan des Glaces (France Pavilion – Epcot)

Image: Disney 

Unsurprisingly, Epcot's France Pavilion has a lot of good coffee choices, but our favorite has to be the Cappuccino Glace, which features cold pressed espresso served over a scoop of L'Artisan des Glaces' ice cream all topped with Whipped Cream. Though this coffee concoction is perhaps more dessert than drink, it is truly a delicious (not to mention indulgent!) option, and if you’ve got a sweet craving in addition to your need for caffeine, you can’t do better than this treat.

6. S’mores Latte - Territory Lounge (Wilderness Lodge)

Image: Disney

If you're still looking for something sweet, but perhaps a little more drinkable, the S’mores Latte at the Wilderness Lodge's Territory Lounge can't be beat. This marshmallow-chocolate drink is served with whipped cream and graham crackers, and can be ordered either hot or over ice.



I just wished that the coffee in general was better at WDW. On our last vacation, it seemed too weak at the resort and at the quick services and the only decent coffee I had was at the California Grill, so I guess the "signature" dining has good coffee.

So the Kona coffee is a blend? Or is it 100% kona coffee?

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