There’s nothing more exciting than preparing for a trip to Walt Disney World resort. You’ve booked your flight, your hotel and dining reservations are all set, and you’ve made FastPass+ reservations for every single day of your vacation. You’ve packed the essentials in your suitcase (but left room for souvenirs), and you’re ready to go enjoy the magic.

However, no matter how prepared you are, sometimes the excitement of entering Walt Disney World is overwhelming, and guests can easily forget the small stuff. No matter whether it’s your first visit to the resort or your 20th, here are a few obvious things that almost every guest forgets during a day at Walt Disney World.

1. You need sunscreen, even when it’s cold

In the heat of the summertime, it’s common to see guests in parking lots and park entrances at Walt Disney World lathering up with sunscreen and getting ready for a dermatologically approved day out. However, as the weather turns cooler, this sight becomes more of a rarity, which is strange because, even though the temperatures are cooler, that doesn’t mean the sun’s been turned down. Though you might be wearing more clothing, forgetting to apply some SPF to any exposed areas (even if it’s just your face) will result in a nasty sunburn, even if it is just 50 degrees outside (brr!). 

2. Camera batteries don’t last forever 

The mobile phone has revolutionized photography, with guests snapping photos on their iPhones and Android devices pretty much everywhere at Walt Disney World. However, even though phone photography is certainly convenient, many guests are still opting to bring their own camera to the park to capture high-quality images. And these cameras normally don’t take AA batteries.

While there is a “Camera Center” at Epcot, Disney actually does not stock or sell camera batteries anywhere on property. So if you drain your battery in the middle of an awesome day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom or forgot to bring your charger, you’re unfortunately out of luck.

3. Souvenirs are big and heavy 

Walt Disney World is a shopper’s paradise. From limited edition pins and keepsakes to designer purses and pretty much every coffee mug design you can think of, there’s so much to buy at Walt Disney World, some guests might forget that there’s attractions there too! 

However, if you are indeed planning on checking out a ride, taking in a show or sitting for a parade after any retail therapy, be aware: bags get heavy fast. And not just that, but if you’ve been shopping to excess, you might have some trouble even getting on some rides. Attractions like Expedition Everest and the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith have very small seat pockets that all items you are carrying with you must be stored in. And if your goodies don’t fit, either you’ll have to shell out a cool $10 for a locker or just sit out these attractions. Both of these are pretty undesirable outcomes, so maybe next time, remember to save the shopping for last! 



Actually as for the packages you can have them sent to the front of the park ( in 3 hours) or have them sent to your resort the next day ( afternoon time ) for FREE so you don't have to carry those heavy bags around ... It has to be park merchandise though no personal items :)

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