You don't need to be this guy to have fun at a theme park. Image © Disney.

It’s easy to assume that the more money you spend at a theme park, the better of a time you’ll have there. That’s even true, in some ways. However, if you play your cards right, going to a park with a smaller budget can free you up to enjoy the experience in an entirely different and maybe even a more fulfilling way. The theme park experience isn’t about spending a ton of money (as much as Disney and Universal and other companies will try to convince you it is), but rather about wrapping yourself up in the joy and wonder available to anybody who has paid the entry fee to get into the park. Here are a few reasons why even the most wealthy of individual would likely enjoy a more thrifty excursion to a theme park.  

1. With less money, you don’t get so easily distracted by the merchandise.

Image - Sam Howzit/Flickr

Purchasing merchandise from some of the plethora of stores found in theme parks can be fun, yes, but it’s rarely the primary reason people go to the parks. The main point of going is to soak up the experience that Disney, Universal and other companies have prepared for anyone who has paid to enter the parks. The attractions and the atmosphere are usually the highlights of a trip, and are essentially presented on an even playing field so that anyone of any financial status in the parks receives the same sense of awe and adventure. The merchandise, along with anything else in the parks with a price tag on it, rips you out of that magical shared experience, reminding you that not everything is equal, even in some of the happiest places on Earth.

2. You can have fun trying to score great deals.

Saving some money might not seem like a big concern if you’re wealthy, but there’s a reason even the richest of the rich love shows like The Price is Right and Storage Wars. Tracking down savings can be entertaining for everyone, regardless of their financial status. Turn bargain hunting into a game of its own to play with the rest of your family or the group of friends that accompanied you to the theme park. Challenge each other to get the most value out of a predetermined amount of money, and see what unique adventure that takes you all on.


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