Walt Disney World Cast Members hear a lot of strange questions during the day, and for the most part they will do everything they can to help you, no matter how odd the request. Unfortunately, there are some situations where Cast Members’ hands are tied and they simply can’t do anything. Avoid uncomfortable situations and don’t ask Cast Members to do these things.

1. Supervise Your Child

Walt Disney World features ample signage reminding parents to supervise their children. However, there are still some guests who hope they can use one of Disney’s Cast Members for this job. Even if a Cast Member looks like he’s just standing around outside the attraction, he is really doing a very specific job and it cannot accommodate watching your child while you ride an attraction he’s afraid to get on, even for just a minute. “Can you watch my kid for me....” always results in a no, no matter what the end of the sentence is. Cast Members just can’t be responsible for watching over unsupervised children.

2. Ride With Your Child

This surprised me the first time I heard it too, but there are parents who will ask Cast Members to ride attractions with their children when they find out that young children can’t just ride by themselves. Once again, Cast Members have a very specific job to attend to and they can’t abandon a position to supervise children on an attraction.

3. Provide Medical Assistance

Regular Cast Members are not allowed to provide medical assistance, even when it’s something as small as putting on a band aid. Naturally this is primarily for legal concerns, but you should also consider the fact that you don’t know one Cast Member from another and have no idea what kind of experience they do or do not have with illnesses and injuries.

I’ve seen an interaction nearly come to blows because a Cast Member couldn’t provide a bandage for a child who cut his chin. The parent was furious because he felt that the Cast Member didn’t care enough to pull out the first aid kit, but the fact is that ordinary Cast Members don’t have access to these supplies and certainly can’t just dispense them.

If you do need medical assistance, a Cast Member will always be happy to call help for you, and it will reach you anywhere in the park within a few minutes. If you have a minor problem like a headache, you can get medications at First Aid.



#7 PLEASE. I've worked parade crowd control for years and my biggest pet peeve is people dashing across the street with the first floats coming around the corner. Sometimes they make the run BETWEEN floats while dragging kids! Those float can weight several tons and cannot stop quickly, and castmembers can and do put themselves in danger trying to herd guests back onto the curb. Keeping guests from crossing the street is mid-parade like playing a dangerous game of whack-a-mole for us, and it can get you thrown out of the park by security (without a refund) for disregarding your own safety. When the castmembers say don't cross, DON'T CROSS!

Why would parents ask cast members to ride a ride with their kid anyway? Why can't they just ride it with them?

Also I understand CM's not being qualified to perform medical services, but applying Band Aid, which nobody can screw up on? C'mon!

In reply to by Lisamarie (not verified)

Because the parent gets motion sick, doesn't like thrill rides, is older (there with their grandkids), has an injury (like a broken arm), has another younger child to watch .. there are lots of reason for a parent not to ride. (I personally am too big to be comfortable on Dumbo).

Band-aids seem simple, but the point is, is that it's easy to deny ALL medical treatment than to explain why they can put on a band aid in one conversation, but not ointment in the next. If the child has an allergic reaction to the ointment, for example, guess who they blame?

Again, easier to say "none" than "some but not others"

In reply to by Jennifer (not verified)

I would say that if you suffer from any of what you sad about why a parent can't ride a ride, and that parent took the child by themselves, then the parent shouldn't take the child without someone else that could ride with them.

In reply to by Jennifer (not verified)

Not to mention in this word of disease etc.. Why would you expect somebody not trained to attend to your wound big or small and vice versa they know nothing about you or what they could be exposed too. I agree 100% with this rule it's COMMON SENSE!

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