Disney World is the most magical place on earth, but some of the attractions scattered throughout the parks have lost their appeal over the years. (Other attractions never had much appeal to begin with.) There are lots of ways to spruce up these rides and shows, and most of them wouldn’t require a ton of money, at least by Disney standards. As much as I love Disney World and all it has to offer, there are some things that simply must go. If I could choose the next attractions for a rehab, these would be the top ones on the list.

Editor's Note: Savannah's opinions in no way reflect those of Theme Park Tourist or its staff. 

1. Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom

Expedition Everest - Image ©Disney

When it was built, Expedition Everest was the most expensive roller coaster in the world. The moving yeti was a huge part of that cost. Unlike today’s yeti, the original animatronic lunged towards guests during the ride, and the effect was supposedly awesome. However, like many guests, I’ve never gotten to see this in person because the yeti broke just a few months after the ride opened to the public.

Disney imagineers claim they will fix the yeti at some point in the future, but it’s been almost ten years now, and we still have a nonworking yeti. I’m sure many guests would agree that this is something that should be fixed pronto because the ride just isn’t the same without it.

2. Captain EO at Epcot

Captain EO - Image ©Disney

In case you’ve never wandered into this little theater in Epcot, you should know that Captain EO is a much better show in theory than it is in execution. Guests who hear there’s a Michael Jackson-themed show at Disney World get very excited, and why wouldn’t they? Michael is a pop culture icon, and his dance moves and singing are legendary.

Captain EO, however, is probably the worst thing he’s ever done. I’d heard this 3D show was bad, but like many naïve guests, I wondered, “How bad can it be, really? I mean, Michael Jackson is in it.” The answer is very, very bad. It’s boring, the story doesn’t make sense, and even the dancing is kind of “meh.” Instead of this experience, Disney should make a film that’s an homage to music, in general. It could be a history of music that shows various bands, concert clips, and music video cilps from over the years. It’d be particularly awesome if they made it a sing-along event, much like the Frozen one at Hollywood Studios. This one, while being kid-friendly, would be more for adults and teenagers, though.


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