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Most vacationers walk into a resort like Walt Disney World well-prepared for high prices. However, you may be surprised at the markups on some of the basic essentials you may need during your stay. The following items are not unique to Disney and can be purchased outside the parks and brought in. If you’re looking to slash your vacation spending, these essentials should top your list of things to pack from home.

For this comparison, Walt Disney World prices are compared to the price at a local Target (unless otherwise noted). Similar items are probably a little cheaper at WalMart and a little more expensive at a grocery store like Publix, so individual prices will of course vary outside the parks.

1. Sunblock

Sunblock at DisneySunblock at Disney

Average Disney Price: $18

Average Store Price: $8

Markup: 225%

Lesson Learned: Sunblock is essential in Florida and savvy theme park marketers know this better than anyone. If you feel your shoulders roasting and you’ll ill-equipped, you’ll have little choice but to purchase a bottle from one of the gift shops. Plan ahead and bring tons of sunblock with you. Opt for a higher SPF than you usually use or at least keep a higher SPF on hand in case you want to switch to it later on..

2. Batteries

Batteries and Other Camera AccessoriesBatteries and Other Camera Accessories

Disney Price: $12 for four (or $3 per battery)

Store Price: $8 for 10 (or $0.80 per battery)

Markup: 375%

Lesson Learned: If you’re using a camera, fan, or any other item powered by batteries, bring extras with you. Don’t leave them at the hotel – keep them on hand. You won’t want to miss out on a half a day’s worth of pictures if your batteries don’t have the good grace to wait till the very end of the day to run out.

3. Water Misting Fan

Squeeze BreezeSqueeze Breeze

Disney Price: $19

Amazon.com Price: $10

Markup: 190%

Lesson Learned: To be fair, these are not absolutely identical items because the Disney Squeeze Breeze has Disney characters on it. If Disney characters are worth an extra $9 to you, get the authentic one. If you only kind of care about them, put some stickers on the cheaper one and you'll still come out ahead.



For me convenience is worth it I don't want to think about Ave Xtra buck for a bottle of water . We do bring our own when we drive for the room and my husband's breathing machine. Same goes for food I'm on vacation. I don't to make peanut butter and jelly when other people are eating at Columbia harbor house.

My girlfriend and I recently went to Disney World and were given free bananas. It was in the Magic Kingdom, semi early in the morning (maybe 9am after riding space mountain a few times). We walked up to the stand and the sun was right in the castmember's eyes. Being a tall gent I did my best to block the sun for her, cause who likes the sun being in their eyes, right? We told her what we wanted and I got my money out. She simply said "you're good to go". Nicest lady ever, I really wish I would have gotten her name. So even though prices can be expensive, remember to always be a decent person and things might work out in your favor.

When staying in Disney World, there are grocery store services that allow you to pre-order various food items, including bulk bottled water, staple products, beer & wine, etc and have it delivered to your resort straight to your room, the perishables placed in the fridge, the day you arrive. There is a delivery charge, but it saves the hassles of driving out for it, and you can save money by buying less park food.

Disneyland is not the only place they mark up items! Carnivals, any amusement parks, movies, ball games, zoo, waterparks...really anywhere where there is entertainment! I work at a casino and paid $7 for a bottle of water!

Disneyland is not the only place they mark up items! Carnivals, any amusement parks, movies, ball games, zoo, waterparks...really anywhere where there is entertainment! I work at a casino and paid $7 for a bottle of water!

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