Cinderella Castle Suite

The fifth entry in our series of unusual adventures to take at Disney theme parks around the globe is one of the hardest to accomplish. In fact, it requires a huge, gigantic slice of luck. But still, we can all dream of staying in the world's most exclusive hotel room, can't we? Originally conceived as a place for Walt Disney to stay at the Magic Kingdom when visiting with his family, the Cinderella Castle Suite sits on the upper floors of the Magic Kingdom's iconic castle. Walt, of course, passed away before the park opened. The space set aside for the suite was therefore used for storage and as a call center over the following 40 years. In 2006, though, Disney announced that it would transform the area into a single, luxury suite. The move was made ahead of the Year of A Million Dreams promotion that launched in 2007, with the Cinderella Castle Suite to be one of its most impressive and talked-about elements. The suite can sleep up to six people, and is housed up on the fourth floor of the castle. To reach it, guests take a special elevator. It covers 650 square feet, making it smaller than some might imagine. Let's take a look around...

Royal Bedchamber

Cinderella Castle Suite bedroom

Image: Shadowstorm, Flickr

The stunning bedroom is truly fit for a king and queen. It boasts two queen-sized beds (appropriately), each featuring a custom-designed headboard decorated with a Cinderella crest. The beds face an ornate fireplace, weighing 600 pounds. This is made of limestone, and is in a 17th century gothic style, molded from a original wooden fireplace in France. Fiber optics are used to create a convincing "fire" effect, which can be switched on and off via a remote control. Above the fireplace sits a portrait of Cinderella. There's more to this than meets the eye, though - it magically transforms into a flat-screen television. Disney's Imagineers designed this effect. Either side of the fireplace are Venetian glass sconces, adorned by Cinderella likenesses. Cinderella Castle Suite bedroom (2)

Image: Darren Wittko, Flickr

Elsewhere in the room, an antique Dutch secretary desk features velvet-lined shelves. There are three hand-woven rugs from Thailand, as well as two cinder pots designed to reflect Cinderella's humble beginnings (each is made form hand-hammered copper). Cinderella Castle Suite bedroom (3)

Image: Darren Wittko, Flickr
Cinderella Castle Suite bedroom (4)
Image: Darren Wittko, Flickr

The mosaic floor of the suite's entry area contains more than 30,000 tiles, including 3,400 24-carat gold and 120 white gold pieces. Four craftswomen created it over a period of four months. A custom-made glass slipper made by Steuben Glass is also on display. Guests receive their own glass slipper (of a less expensive design) to take home with them.

Royal Bath

Cinderella Castle Suite bathroom

Image: Shadowstorm, Flickr

The impressive bathroom features sinks made from hand-hammered copper and silver leaf. The ceiling boasts "twinkling stars", and the windows are made of stained glass. The highlight, though, is the custom-made jacuzzi, complete with multiple jets, a waterfall faucet and chromatherapy lighting. Cinderella Castle Suite jacuzzi

Image: Shadowstorm, Flickr

Royal Sitting Room

Cinderella Castle Suite lounge

Image: Shadowstorm, Flickr

The suite's final room boasts a magic mirror, based on a French design. Like the Cinderella portrait in the bedroom, this transforms into a television. The custom-designed sofa-bed features French-style carved details, while the stained glass windows tell the story of Cinderella and look out towards the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel in Fantasyland. There are hidden draws and cupboards in the mirrored space in the parlor, with one opening up to reveal a DVD player and refrigerator.

The world's most exclusive hotel room?

Cinderella Castle Suite exterior

Image: Matt Dempsey, Flickr

Take a tantalising glimpse at one of the windows of the Cinderella Castle Suite. It may be the closest you ever get to this most sought-after of hotel rooms! From the inside, the windows are actually quite small, so the views of the Magic Kingdom are not quite as impressive as you might expect.

OK...how do I stay in the Cinderella Castle Suite?!

Cinderella Castle Suite Unfortunately, you can't make a reservation for the Cinderella Castle Suite. You can't even join a waiting list. You have to win your stay. Originally, Disney handed a night in the suite to one lucky family every day during the Year of a Million Dreams promotion. These days, it often offers them up via sweepstakes - so keep a close eye on the Disney Parks Blog for announcements. There is another method. Get really, really famous. Kevin and Danielle Jonas were handed the keys to the suite for their first anniversary, and Tom Cruise has also stayed there. Until then, though...keep dreaming!



I'm going to guess that all of the windows are frosted over. At night, the Magic Kingdom becomes "constructionland". It would break the fantasy to be able to see pickup trucks and pressure washers rolling up and down Main Street.

One of my most memorable experiences as a cast member was walking around EPCOT at 3AM... It's a bit surreal to see a cement mixer parked in front of the Italy pavilion, working on a chunk of sidewalk. The only fireworks were sparks flying from welding torches being applied to various railings. I doubt Disney wants wide-eyed children seeing that much reality. :)

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