It is always sad when Walt Disney World closes something, whether it is a favorite ride, classic parade, or even a beloved entertainment act. However, though Disney parks are constantly reinventing themselves and looking towards the future, they often find fun little ways to reflect on their past. Whether that is via subtle implementations of the World of Motion logo interspersed throughout the latest version of Test Track or a hidden 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea reference in the rockwork of Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid, there are plenty of sneaky, fun references to former attractions for eagle-eyed guests to find around Walt Disney World.

However, did you know that there are actually a number of places around the resort where the audio from some of Walt Disney World's most famous closed attractions can still be heard? Let's take a quick jaunt around Walt Disney World for the ultimate nostalgia trip for your ears! 

1. Journey Into Imagination (1983 original version)

Image: Disney

Where you can still hear it: Imagination Pavilion restrooms

Chances are good, if you visit a Walt Disney Park for any length of time, you’ll probably visit a bathroom at least once. And while you probably don’t want to think too much about using the restroom at a theme park, one bathroom that vintage Epcot fans may want to actually go out of their way to visit is the outdoor restroom at the Imagination pavilion. Not only does this restroom’s out of the way location make it almost never crowded (you have to walk around the pavilion’s right side to get to it, passing by the entrance to the Journey Into Imagination attraction and going all the way to the back of the building), but this is also the only place on Walt Disney World property where you can hear all fifteen minutes of Journey into Imagination’s original 1983 background music loop in its entirety.

While some might find it a little odd to just hang out in a bathroom for fifteen minutes in order to listen to some music, thie original version of this Epcot classic was so beloved (and its replacement so reviled), that its nice to have at least one area of the park (even if it is a restroom) where the original attraction lives on in a small way that guests can enjoy any time they want. 

2. Soarin’ over California

Image © Disney

Image: Disney

Where you can still hear it: Epcot park entrance 

Though Soarin’ Over the World is certainly a wonderful replacement for the original Soarin’ Over California attraction (and definitely makes more sense in the context of Epcot's Future World than its predecessor ever did), one area where the previous version of this attraction really excelled was with its soundtrack. The sweeping Soarin’ Over California theme was easily the most thrilling part of the original Soarin' attraction, and that is saying something when you remember that we're talking about a ride that simulates something as amazing as flying.

While we'll never hear this song as part of the attraction ever again, if you find yourself at Epcot and want take a mental trip over California one more time you don’t have to go far, as the music loop that plays at Epcot’s entrance includes the full version of this amazing song. Though there unfortunately aren't many places to sit back and relax at the front of the park, if you want to wander around the leave a legacy stones or just marvel at Spaceship Earth, you can do so while listening to the classic score created for the original version of Soarin'. 



It may not be the versions of the score heard in the attractions, but in WDW's Tomorrowland, as atmosphere music, one can hear instrumental versions of old attraction songs, like "If You Had wings" and "The Best Time of Your Life" from Carousel of Progress. It makes me feel all time travel trippy!

The Tapestry of Nations parade was so beautiful and moving it actually brought me to tears when I saw it, largely in part because of the music. Thanks for the tip, I will listen for it this next trip!

And if you don't want to hang around when EPCOT closes or hang in a restroom. You can all go to UAB. Utilidors Audio Broadcasting. They have every score ever produced at EPCOT from the beginning. Matter of fact everything from Disney World is on it.

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Where is UAB?

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