Cedar Point Wild Mouse, Cedar Fair

UPDATE December 6 - The new Wild Mouse roller coaster at Cedar Point is set to open at the beginning of the 2023 season and there has been exciting news recently as all of the track has now been successfully installed. This can be seen in the photos below which were posted on Facebook by American Coaster Enthusiasts.

November 19 - We have been excited to see track arriving at Cedar Point over the last couple of months for the new Wild Mouse roller coaster which is slated to open in Spring 2023. The new Wild Mouse roller coaster will be located in the hugely rethemed midway area of the park which is newly named as the Boardwalk.

Wild Mouse is being manufactured by Zamperla and is a new "Twister Freeform" model with cars that spin 360 degrees giving guests a different experience with each ride. There will be eight cars in total (each with four seats in), seven themed to mice and one themed to cheese which gives a comical twist and enhances the cat and mouse feel to this new coaster. It appears from the tweet below that the special cheese themed car which is promised has been revealed at IAAPA.

The Zamperla video below shows the cars in action on the track.

Are you excited to ride The Wild Mouse at Cedar Point? What do you think about the design of the cars? Let us know your thoughts by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page.

August 23 - Cedar Point announced a couple of weeks ago that they will be opening a new Wild Mouse roller coaster in 2023. The Sandusky Register has recently published a number of photographs of track and supports arriving at Cedar Point. The track is bright orange and the supports are yellow. 

The area where the Wild Mouse Roller Coaster will be located has been fenced off since mid-July and we are expecting work to commence on erecting this new coaster when the park closes for the season at the end of October. The Wild Mouse roller coaster along with the rest of the new BoardWalk area at Cedar Point is slated to open at the start of the season in Spring 2023. We will keep you posted on further updates on this exciting project when they are announced.

Cedar Point Boardwalk, Cedar Fair
Image: Cedar Fair

August 12 - We now know that the rumor that the iconic Psycho Mouse from California's Great America is being moved to Cedar Point was incorrect as Cedar Point has now announced its new roller coaster, Wild Mouse which is set to debut on opening day at the park in 2023.

Wild Mouse, Cedar Point
Image: Cedar Fair

The roller coaster will be 52-foot-tall and 1,312 feet long. The minimum height restriction unaccompanied is 48 inches but with a supervising companion is only 42 inches making this a great transition coaster for younger guests. Kids can move from the Woodstock Express to the Wild Mouse, then to Iron Dragon and Corkscrew and finally ending up at the big coasters such as Millenium Force. Wild Mouse will be a great addition to Cedar Point's line up.

Cedar Point has sometimes been criticised for its lack of family friendly attractions but the new Wild Mouse roller coaster certainly shouldn't disappoint and should thrill younger guests and adults alike.

Wicked Twister closed on September 6, 2021 which was sad for many Cedar Point fans. But we think most people will agree that this newly developed Boardwalk area which aims to give a modern twist to the previous site of Wicked Twister and extend the park's family friendly attractions as well as food and beverage offerings, will be a extremely positive area for everyone to enjoy.

As already mentioned, the new Wild Mouse will sit as part of this hugely redeveloped midway area which is set to have the newly built Grand Pavilion which will house a restaurant on the first floor where guests can choose to eat inside or on the deck. It will also have further eateries, a lakeside bar, outdoor patio and three balconies, one on each side, including one with views of Lake Eerie.

Cedar Point Grand Pavilion, Cedar Fair
Image: Cedar Fair

Some further changes are also coming to the area including:

  • Tiki Twirler will be rethemed to the classic Calypso
  • Matterhorn will be relocated to the area
  • Current Scrambler attraction will be rethemed as Atomic Scrambler and will be moved to the new Boardwalk area   
Cedar Point Boardwalk, Cedar Fair
Image: Cedar Fair

To hear further information regarding the new Boardwalk area and the Wild Mouse you can watch this interview between Tony Clark from Cedar Point and Adam Sandy from the Zamperla coaster talk team. Be sure to start the video at 3:38.

Are you excited about Wild Mouse at Cedar Point? Let us know your thoughts on this upcoming new coaster and Boardwalk area which are both set to debut on opening day at the start of the 2023 season by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page.


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