Walt Disney World castle, Disney

Since Walt Disney World closed back in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, for many Disney has lost its magic and sparkle and hasn't got it back yet. With numerous changes happening throughout the last couple of years and particularly with the loss of Fastpass+ and the introducton of the new paid for Genie+ we asked you at the end of 2021, Has Walt Disney World Been Crossed Off Your 2022 To Do List?

We will always love Disney, it has so many happy memories for us and our family in years gone by and we were so looking forward to being able to take our two sons to Disneyland and Walt Disney World as they grow up. 

Walt Disney World castle, Disney
Image: Disney

When my husband and I first went to Walt Disney World in 2009 on our Honeymoon we just couldn't have had a more magical and amazing time. We loved getting to the parks at rope drop each morning and rushing round in the morning riding as many attractions as possible. We also loved the original Fastpass system, going and getting our Fastpass from the booth outside the attraction. It seemed so fair and so Disney. We also loved the freedom we had to make a decision on which park last minute based on our thoughts for the day.

Those times are clearly long gone, with the Parks Reservation system still in place since parks reopened after initial park closures due to COVID-19 there is so much more planning that needs to be done with the spontaneity now lost. Okay, so I accept that it is in place now and is likely to remain at least in the near future but this coupled with Genie+ and Lightning Lane, part of that special Disney magic just seems to be slipping further and further away.

I understand a paid FastPass system was naturally where FastPass was heading, the UK theme parks have all had one in place for years. Heading to Walt Disney World with my family this year was what I had been planning for a long time but based on all the changes and as a result of COVID-19 it has now been taken off our to-do list for 2022.


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We asked you in our latest Big Debate, Has Walt Disney World Been Crossed Off Your 2022 To Do List? Here are the results which you may find surprising but then again you may not...

  • Yes - 71% 
  • No - 29%

This surely gives a pretty clear view that something is going wrong for Disney. Having said this, we fully expect the parks to be at capacity during 2022 because there will always be people who will go to Disney whatever is changed or added as an upcharge.

We will of course visit Walt Disney World in the future and yes we will pay what we have to pay because the only other choice is not going but that would mean our two sons won't see Walt Disney World which would be such a shame as it has been such a special place in our lives. It will definitely take a lot more saving and we will try to grab every piece of magic we can when we are there. Let's see what you have said...



The Magic is gone! We have been to Disney 15 times since 1994, spent what I believe to be a conservative estimate of at least 50K and was happy to pay every penny of it. We went last year in the midst of COVID with an open mind that things would be different, but had no idea just how different it would be. We are going in two weeks and am sad to say this will be our last trip unless things change. The price gouging, lack of services, and pay to play system is just way to much for us. You used to save your hard earned money and take the family to Disney because you felt like you got something special for your dollar...not anymore. Even the cast members had a different feel last year. A little less friendly, perhaps even cocky at times. When you put it all together.....the lack of a dining plan, no magical express, Genie plus, etc., etc., it just not worth it anymore. So, not that he cares, but this is a personnel message to Bob Chapek from a long time Disney customer. Your the CEO, this is your ship and it's sinking. I predict that when the shine wears of from people being able to travel again many of us will be spending our money elsewhere. I personally will be going to Universal where it still feels like you get something for your money. So long Mickey!

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We just visited in March of 2022 and wholeheartedly agree with each and every comment made by Jbird O. The entire experience was so underwhelming and we left thinking that this is our last Disney World trip--so NOT worth it because the "magic" that once justified the expense is just not there. That said, this most recent Disney experience provided the push we needed to seek other options, so going forward, we will be spending our money at Universal Orlando.

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