14. Emperor

Image: SeaWorld

Park: SeaWorld  San Diego 

Original Opening Date:  Summer 2020

Status:  Will open in 2021

Another big project is the Emperor roller coaster at SeaWorld San Diego, which was scheduled to open this year. However, since this park has not been able to operate due to California regulations, SeaWorld has moved this attraction opening to next year.

This new attraction reaches speeds of 60 miles per hour, and when it opens it will be the tallest and fastest floorless dive coaster in the state.

15. Harmonious 

Image: Disney

Park: Epcot

Original Opening Date:  Spring 2020

Status:  TBA

Late last year it was confirmed for the first time that Harmonious would be making its debut at Epcot sometime in spring 2020, with work progressing quickly around Epcot's World Showcase Lagoon on infrastructure for this show. And though Disney never made a formal announcement about an official opening date, it will of course miss its original spring opening target.

Unfortunately, a 2020 debut is VERY unlikely for Harmonious as Disney has cancelled all nighttime fireworks shows for the foreseeable future, which leaves this show's future in limbo. However, it looks like this project has not been cancelled outright as construction has restarted as of July 2020, and overnight pyrotechnic testing has commenced as of September 2020. Disney has yet to provide any official updates regarding this project, but we'd guess that Disney will be debuting this show as soon as management gives the go-ahead since work behind the scenes is all but complete. 

16. Remy's Ratatouille Adventure

Image: Disney

Park: Epcot

Original Opening Date:  Summer 2020

Status: Delayed until 2021

Epcot is in a similar situation as Disney California Adventure, as the interior of the new Remy's Ratatouille Adventure ride is basically done according to reports, and was all set to open in an expanded France pavilion in Summer 2020. And though work on the area around the ride as well as the crepe restaurant that was set to open alongside the ride are all basically finished, Theme Park Insider reports that this attraction won't open until early in 2021, as Disney looks to ride out 2020 with no new attractions, since it will need to limit park capacities anyway.

However, in a small bit of good news for this attraction, construction has resumed on the area surrounding this new ride, and rumors have surfaced that Disney may be trying to open the attached restaurant before the ride in an effort to bring more dining options to the park. In addition, new signage at the ride's entrance have been installed, lending credence to the idea that this attraction is basically done, and Disney is just waiting for the most opportune time to open it. 

17. LEGOLAND New York 

Image: Merlin

Park: LEGOLAND New York

Original Opening Date:  July 4, 2020

Status: Delayed until spring 2021

Though we've seen delays announced for rides, restaurants, and full lands, LEGOLAND New York slated to open on the fourth of July this summer, it was announced this week that the brand new LEGOLAND New York resort, which includes a whole theme park and hotel, will be delaying its grand opening a full year, and will now welcome its first guests in the spring of 2021.

18. Tron Lightcycle Power Run

Image: Disney

Park: Magic Kingdom

Original Opening Date:  2021

Status: Possibly delayed (?) 

Though preliminary work on the Tron Roller Coaster has been going on for almost a year now, it looks like construction was set to be ramping up in the new year as Disney was preparing to get this attraction ready for its planned 2021 debut. However, independent reports indicate that several cranes have been taken down, and Theme Park Insider reports that this project has been delayed until 2022.

However, in a bit of good news, construction has ramped up quite a lot in recent months, and based on recent construction updates, we'd guess that this ride could indeed still make its fall 2021 original opening date, depending on how the rest of 2020 goes. 

19. Reflections - A Disney Lakeside Lodge

Image: Disney

Park: N/a

Original Opening Date:  2022

Status: Cancelled

Reflections - A Disney Lakeside Lodge resort was announced as a deluxe-level property that was to be themed around Walt Disney's love of the natural world. When completed, this new hotel would include more than 900 rooms as well as Disney Vacation Club villas spread across a variety of unique accommodation types. 

However, it looks like this entire project has been scrapped, as construction contracts have not been renewed, and  equipment has been removed from the site. As of September 2020, all mention of this project was also deleted from the Walt Disney World website, further cementing this project's fate. 

20. Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

Image: Disney

Park: Epcot

Original Opening Date:  2021

Status: Delayed until 2022 

Like Tron Lightcycle Power Run, Epcot's Guardians of the Galaxy-inspired attraction is very far along in development, with construction on this first-of-its kind roller coaster entering its final phases in preparation for its originally expected debut next year. However, according to Theme Park Insider this project has also been delayed until 2022 as well. However, it looks like as of July 2020, construction on this project has officially restarted, which is a good sign. 


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