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Last week saw the news that Splash Mountain is to be rethemed. This has come as somewhat surprising news considering a number of Walt Disney World projects have been cancelled, downsized or changed due to the effects of COVID-19.

This massive project will bring a brand new theme to one of the most iconic and classic attractions at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Disney said that this project actually began last year and will see Splash Mountain completely reimagined into an attraction featuring Princess Tiana from Princess and the Frog.

There is no name as of yet for the new proposed attraction. We do know that it will use Splash Mountain's existing ride system and will tell a story that happens after the ending of the Princess and the Frog movie, as they prepare for their first-ever Mardi Gras performance.

When we are likely to see this new attraction come to fruition is unsurprisingly unknown at this point. Although planning and development work will no doubt continue behind the scenes, when construction work will actually start has not yet been announced.

Splash Mountain, Walt Disney World
Image: Disney

It has been confirmed that when Walt Disney World reopens its gates on July 11 and when Disneyland reopens in the near future that the existing Splash Mountain will be open. There has not been a date as of yet for when this attraction will close in preparation for construction work to begin.

The Big Debate - Do YOU Think Splash Mountain Should Be Rethemed?

Princess and Frog, Splash Mountain Disney
Image: Disney

So this is our third Big Debate question, which is likely to be a contentious one. 

No one who visits Walt Disney World or Disneyland is going to come away without having ridden Splash Mountain, it has to be done, it is Disney Law!

There has been a lot of talk recently that there is a need to modernize this classic attraction to bring it into the twenty first century. Many guests who ride it may not even know that the ride is actually  based on the 1946's Song of the South which has long been criticized as being a racist relic. Disney has not released this in full on any kind of home media in over 40 years.

While many fans may be pleased that Disney is choosing to use the existing ride system, many may criticize Disney for doing this, many may think that it has been a classic for so long that it should be left well alone and many may question Tiana and the Princess and the Frog as a fitting replacement.

Only time will tell how successful this reimagining will be, but for now it is over to you to have your say on Do YOU Think Splash Mountain Should Be Rethemed?


Splash Mountain, Walt Disney World
Image: Theme Park Tourist

Recently I have kept the poll very simple, with a yes or no response. I feel the need to add an option for you to voice your opinion if you feel the chosen theming is the wrong one for the new reimagined Splash Mountain. So the choices are:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes - but to a different theme than Tiana and The Princess and The Frog

CLICK HERE to vote and as always don't forget to share this with your friends and family.

We always love to hear your comments and are proud of our community on Theme Park Tourist so we ask you to be respectful of all others readers views. You can leave comments on our Facebook Page or below.

Many of these will feature in our Results and Discussion for this debate which will be coming soon to Theme Park Tourist so don't forget to look out for it!

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The announcement to re-theme caught me by surprise, especially with Disney's recent financial troubles caused by the virus. However, once I thought about it, I think this will be a fine change. I grew up with an oversized hardcover "Brer Rabbit Tales" book and so these characters have a lot of fond nostalgia to me. However, I understand the good that the change could bring, and welcome it. Princess and the Frog has great characters, some catchy tunes, and fits well in the existing show building. I look forward to it and am sure that children of all races will be delighted to see Tiana and friends in their own ride!

Managed to ride Splash Mountain for all my childhood without realizing it was based on a movie (thought it was a park original, like Haunted Mansion or Big Thunder Mountain). Don't think it -needs- to be rethemed, but not insanely upset if it has to be.

Princess and the Frog seems like an odd choice for a replacement though. Been over a decade since its release, and didn't seem to have as much lasting impact as some of the other films in that time span (Frozen, Zootopia, and maybe Moana seem like the standouts on that front).

it is a shame peiple have become so weak minded and easily offended. We used to be a strong people, now we are dumbed down and simple. Shame

I can't believe the existing Splash Mountain is considered racist. It is such a happy, fun story. I have considered the Song of the South one of Disney's most iconic movies since seeing it as a child. A technological masterpiece. I sing Zippidy Doo Dah almost daily when I'm in my happy place.

I dont think it should go cause that's part of American history. It's just a ride that everyone enjoys period.

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