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5 Key Components of Disney's Biggest FastPass+ Expansion Yet

4. Hong Kong Disneyland will launch their FastPass+ system with The Iron Man Experience

Though Disneyland is getting MyMagic+ later this year, Hong Kong Disneyland won't be getting it until 2016, and interestingly, is launching it alongside the opening of an extremely high profile attraction: The Iron Man Experience. The decision to wait to introduce MyMagic+ until what will likely be the busiest attendance period ever for this park is a curious one, and it is unknown whether we'll see a full MyMagic+ rollout when this attraction debuts, or a small-scale version of MyMagic+ that will focus on this attraction only. In any case, bringing MyMagic+ to Hong Kong next year is a big step as it will mark the start of an international rollout for this system. 

5. Feature rollout will likely be accelerated across the board

Even though there will likely be unique features for MyMagic+ at both Hong Kong Disneyland as well as Disneyland Resort in California, the rollout of these features will be expedited, and guests should not expect to wait several months to experience a "full" version of MyMagic+ (like those at Walt Disney World did). While Walt Disney World's launch of MyMagic+ took nearly a year to reach all guests (and almost two years for all of the current features to be rolled out), Disneyland Resort will likely see a much faster timetable, which could only last a few months. Similarly, Hong Kong Disneyland will likely see a sages rollout of MyMagic+ that will likely last a few months, although the decision to launch their version of MyMagic+ during a big attraction opening suggests that their version of MyMagic+ may actually be quite far along in development. 

Interestingly, although we now know that Disneyland Resort in California and Hong Kong Disneyland are next in line to get MyMagic+, no word has been given about when this system might make its way to other international parks, chiefly Disneyland Resort Paris and Tokyo Disneyland. It is also curious that no plans have been revealed about MyMagic+ implementation at the still under-construction Shanghai Disneyland, which could be the first Disney resort built from the ground up with this system in mind. 

Even though we still have some lingering questions about the rollout of MyMagic+ to parks beyond Walt Disney World, it looks like the plan to bring a standardized system to Disney Parks around the world is finally getting off the ground. Are you exited about the future of MyMagic+? Or do you think this system should stay in Walt Disney World? 

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There are 8 comments.

I loved the Magic Bands, but we had some issues. We booked through WDW and after paying for our package, we decided to add dining, which turned out to be a wonderful decision. But as they added the dining, they somehow duplicated everyone in our party.

As we arrived at our Resort, there were 11 people registered. The Concierge deleted the extra duplicated guests, but did not look to see which of those duplications were linked to the FastPasses that I had made in advance.

As a result, we lost three people's fast passes on all of our days. So the rides that we booked way in advance were only available to two people in our party. The Concierge and Guest Services tried to reestablish our FPs, but we had glitches throughout our vacation.

Disney did make it right with us by providing us with some floating FPs and some other super perks. I guess my takeaway is that they will be finding some issues, but Disney is very committed to making the experience as easy as possible for the guests.

In my opinion, the bands outstrip the paper fastpasses because you no longer need to worry about losing them or getting the papers wet.

im sorry but I don't think it should be for the general public. I think it should be for people who either have a package deal or who stay at one of the hotels in Disney or DVC members or pass holders that's what these members of Disney pay all that extra money for is to get that little extra in the parks. They stay there to get into the parks earlier then the general public and to get fast passes and dinning reservations easy. If you just come for the day and not a member of Disney one way or another I don't think you should have the same rights as those who scrimp and save there hard earned money and time of for that little extra stuff . Maybe that sounds unfair but we pay that extra to get those benefits so if all the public get the same benefits why should we pay that extra from now on to get the same as the rest who don't pay more?

I agree with you do not think that they should have the fast passes bands out to everyone like you said, totally agree with you that's the perks of being an annual pass holder and doing all the extra packages. If everyone gets them then what's the point of being fast

I agree with you do not think that they should have the fast passes bands out to everyone like you said, totally agree with you that's the perks of being an annual pass holder and doing all the extra packages. If everyone gets them then what's the point of being fast

I have been to WDW twice using Fastpass+. I strongly dislike the system. There is no consistency in answers concerning Fastpass+ among the cast members. There is very little room for spontaneity. It strongly discourages social interaction (many guests become tied to their phone app which is linked to Fastpass+). I think Walt Disney would be appalled at what has happened to his parks. I was hoping Disneyland would avoid Fastpass+ and maintain the original values Walt had of a family oriented park.

I like those wristbands

i love the magic bands and mymagic+ but i do not like the fast pass + at all. i am not a planner and i like to go to what ever park i want to without having to make plans 60 days out.people spend more time on their phones looking to see where they have to be and i think it takes a lot of fun out of going to disney world

At first I wasn't for the bands. Being a pass holder during the change, I've had a few problems. But, for the most part they worked great. I have never had a problem with a fast pass. You have to give Disney credit, it was a big expense and gamble. I think as time goes by, everyone will like them. I have a pretty good collection of them now. Technology is always changing. Smart phones didn't work so well when they started. Now, we all have them! Looking forward to collecting more bands in the future! Have a magical day! :)


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