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Europe is set to welcome three major new theme parks between now and 2016 - and here's what you can expect from these new rivals to the dominant Disneyland Resort Paris.

The three new parks are Cinecittà World in Italy, Paramount Park in Spain and Ferrari World at the existing PortAventura resort in Spain. All three will feature hefty budgets and rides and attractions based on well-known brands - but can any of them really break the stranglehold that Disneyland Paris has on multi-day theme park vacations in Europe at present?

Let's take a look at what each of these parks will offer!

3. Cinecittà World, Rome Italy

Mighty Rome, once the heart of a sprawling empire, has already welcomed one new theme park in recent years. In 2011, Rainbow Magicland opened at a cost of around €300 million, offering a total of 35 attractions inspured by Italian production company Rainbow's childrens' programmes.

As its name suggests, Rainbow Magicland is aimed squarely at the family market. A variety of cutesy characters are available for “meet-and-greets”, while several junior roller coasters and other rides feature in its roster of attractions. Adults and teens won’t be bored, though – the spinning indoor Cagliostro coaster offers disorienting twists and turns, while the 230-feet-tall drop tower Mystika is not for the feint-hearted.

Still, it's good to see a more adult-oriented theme park coming to Rome, in the form of Cinecittà World. Originally scheduled to open in 2011, but now due to debut in 2014, the park will be like an Italian version of Universal Studios. It will feature rides and shows inspired by Cinecittà Studios movies and television shows, designed by Oscar-winning art director Dante Ferretti.

In total, Cinecittà World will include 16 indoor kids' rides, three thrill rides and 19 family attractions. Alongside these will sit seven self-service restaurants, 11 coffee bars, and entertainment arena and 57 snack and merchandise kiosks.

A second phase will add "The Village", hosting shops, restaurants and movie threatres. Phases three and four are set to add a second theme park and Cinecittà Nature, a 170-acre "natural environment" that will be used as a backlot for movie production but will also be accessible to the public.

Cinecittà World (1)

Guests will enter the park via the Temple of Moloch, inspired by black-and-white classic Cabiria.

Cinecittà World (2)

They'll then find themselves on a Disney-style Main Street, modelled on the sets of Gangs of New York.

10 inversion coaster

One of the headline rides will be a clone of Thorpe Park's 10-inversion roller coaster Colossus, complete with some impressive spaceship theming.

The park will also be home to the world's longest Mack Super Splash ride, at more than 550 metres. The ride will feature an entrance modelled on the Roman architecture seen in Ben Hur.

Dante's Infero dark ride

One of the headline attractions will be a "multi-motion dark ride" themed around Dante's Inferno, complete with an entrance that warns "abandon all hope ye who enter here". We know little about it, but we're intrigued.

Cinecittà World (3)

Finally, expect to see a panoramic flight simulator and an Indian-themed Intamin free fall drop tower.


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