2. Paramount Park, Murcia, Spain

Plans for a new Paramount-branded theme park in Spain have been mooted for several years. If the work really does go ahead, then the park will be only one element of a massive resort boasting no fewer than seven hotels, a "lifestyle" centre, a convention centre, an exhibition hall, condos, a casino and a mall. Yes - this could be a re-run of the massive overspend at Disneyland Paris, which left that resort mired in debt.

Paseo Paramount

Paramount Park will be made up of several themed lands, each hosting attractions based on movie and television franchises. The first of these will be Paseo Paramount, a larger-than-life avenue of shops and restaurants. It will empty into a "hub" on the edge of a lagoon. Adventure City will sit to the left of the hub, with Plaza Futura on the right (clearly, "inspired" by Disneyland's Adventureland and Tomorrowland).

Paramount Park Hotel

The Paramount Park Hotel will be incorporated into Paseo Paramount, complete with an exclusive park entrance for hotel guests.

Adventure City

Mission: Impossible ride

Adventure City will not, in fact, be set in a jungle a la Disney. Instead, it will be anchored by a ride based on Mission: Impossible, based on the same technology as Universal's Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man.

Osteria Corleone

Elsewhere in the land, guests will be able to ride bumper cars and a eat at diner based on Grease (that well-known adventure movie) and a recreation of the iconic Osteria Corleone restaurant from The Godfather.

Rango's West

Rango's West

The park's equivalent of Frontierland will be Rango's West, based on the 2011 animation by Gore Verbinski, which starred Johnny Depp as a pet chameleon lost in the Mojave Desert. This will be anchored by a family mine train roller coaster named Spirit of the West, similar in style to Disney's Big Thunder Mountain.

Rango's Ragin' Rapids Ride

This will be joined by Rango’s Rootin’ Tootin’ 4D Spectacular, where Rango will narrate a collection of film splices that will include Paramount’s vast catalogue of classic Western films. There's also Rango’s Ragin’ Rapids ride.

Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest will be Paramount Park's equivalent of Fantasyland, and will be divided into three sub-areas.

Sleepy Hollow

The first of these is Sleepy Hollow, based on the 1999 Tim Burton film of the same name. The land will be based around the dead tree from the film.

Spiderwick Chronicles

The second sub-area is themed to 2008’s Nickelodeon-branded fantasy-adventure The Spiderwick Chronicles. The land will include a shooting dark ride that may be trackless, revolving around the hunt for the film’s antagonistic Ogre.


The final area within Enchanted Forest will be a fantastical realm based on 2007’s Stardust. This area will include the park’s carousel, a kid’s roller coaster, a hedge maze, and a boat ride through a world inhabited with fairies. A second deluxe in-park hotel will border the Enchanted Forest.

Plaza Futura

Star Trek simulator ride

Warp Speed Coaster

Plaza Futura, meanwhile, will be primarily themed around Star Trek. It will host a Star Tours-style simulator ride, as well as a 100-foot-tall outdoor roller coaster dubbed "Warp Speed Coaster". It will also a War of the Worlds themed restaurant.

Paramount Park is budgeted at €390 million (about $530 million), which is about half of what Disney invested in fixing Disney California Adventure eight years ago. And with an announced opening in 2015, you have to wonder how grand this park could actually be. Even assuming it opens in late 2015, that's not even two years of construction, when a single well-done land at a Disney Park can take three to five years.

Thanks to Brian Krosnick for his extensive original write-up of the Paramount Park plans.


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