Everyone needs a bit of romance in their lives. At Walt Disney World, you’ll have plenty of options to impress your date. Several restaurants provide that intimate ambience that you desire. Some of them are darkly lit, while others set the mood with the theming and service. Which ones are the best for that special date? Read on to learn about the most romantic restaurants at Walt Disney World.

7. Artist Point

Image: DisneyDisney’s Wilderness Lodge sets a tone the moment that you enter the hotel lobby. It’s a rustic atmosphere with an attention-grabbing Pacific Northwest feel. It’s a warming environment that immediately fosters a comfortable feeling that you’re home.

Artist Point is a Signature Dining restaurant located just off the Wilderness Lodge lobby, and the meal cost does define a trend for this list. Most of the establishments listed here are pricier than your average Disney restaurant. You unfortunately have to pay a bit more for these unforgettable dining experiences.

This restaurant is only open for dinner, but it will most assuredly set the tone for a lovely eating. You’ll sit in a room themed to a specific animal. Each section also highlights the majestic nature of the various national parks in the Pacific Northwest. You will feel like you’re eating in the great outdoors, only you’ll have elegant fare as your dinner options. It’s a bit incongruous, but it’s undeniably a wonderful meal for two.

6. Restaurant Marrakesh

Image: DisneyThis place is one of the hidden gems of the World Showcase. Other restaurants with more celebrated cuisine types like Japanese, Mexican, Chinese, and Italian tend to get more ardent support. They’re known quantities. The strong but subtle flavors of Mediterranean cuisine aren’t as recognizable, although they’ve grown in popularity for recent years. This increase in awareness is due to the powerful bites in dishes like Couscous with Beef and Roast Lamb Meshoui.

At Marrakesh, you’ll have access to all of these exotic dishes. You’ll also relish in a laid back environment at a restaurant that’s less crowded than many other World Showcase eateries. You can generally find a last-minute Advanced Dining Reservation (ADR) here. Even when you can’t, you shouldn’t have to wait long for a table.

While you’re seating, you’ll watch a show that coincides with your dinner. The art of belly dancing is on full display here. There’s a reason why it’s a global curiosity. The skill on display is almost hypnotic, and it will give you and your date a conversation starter if things get awkward. This place isn’t in-your-face romantic but rather quietly confident in its meticulous theming. Taking someone here is a demonstration of self-confidence and insider knowledge about the best of Walt Disney World.



Decent article but I feel there's a lot more restaurants on Disney property more romantic than Sci-Fi Drive In. I guess I understand the choice selection however there's better choices out there as far as romantic restaurants go on Disney property.

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