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Who’s up for a challenge?

Whether it is your first time visiting Walt Disney World or if you are a seasoned passholder, there’s nothing like a quest to breathe some fresh life into a trip to the Most Magical Place on Earth. We’ve talked about popular Disney challenges before—marathon riding, drinking/eating around the world, hitting four parks in one day… These are all fun things to try on your next Walt Disney World vacation, but there is one challenge that stands a hair above the rest if you want to properly gamify your visit.

Have an ultimate Walt Disney World scavenger hunt.

Some years back, my husband and I put together a Walt Disney World scavenger hunt (complete with an interactive Google Map) for a couple we knew who were having their honeymoon at Walt Disney World. For this introductory article, we’re going to operate under the assumption that this is a photo scavenger hunt. No one needs another dull picture of the whole family looking tired and confused in front of Cinderella Castle. Instead, take the challenge and see if you can find these ten spots to kick off your ultimate Walt Disney World scavenger hunt. Feel free to use these as a launch point to make your own! This is a great activity to keep kids occupied during a trip.

Like this challenge and want more? Share this article with your friends and respond in the comments and on our Facebook! If we hear back from enough readers, we’ll post a part two! Want to share your conquests from the hunt? Tag your pics with the hashtag #mostmagicalhunt so we can see how you did!

1. Take a bite out of the future

Man eating Spaceship Earth

Image: Jett Farrell-Vega (@mykingdomforamouse Instagram)

While we included a “holding up Spaceship Earth” pic on our original scavenger hunt list, that’s too simple. Instead, find one of the rare spots in Epcot where you can get a perfect pic of someone in your party taking a bite out of Spaceship Earth. Mmm, delicious science.

2. Find the pin trader’s motherlode

Pin Trading Sign

If you don’t know what Disney pin trading is, get ready to have your world rocked and your wallet emptied. Disney parks and resorts host a not-so-secret game where guests can trade Disney-themed pins (you don’t have to buy them at Walt Disney World) with cast members for any pin on their lanyards. Some of these pins are cast member exclusives that cannot be bought (indicated by a small hidden Mickey in the design), and some cast members get really into pin trading—to the point they forego lanyards completely and display pins on massive corkboards.

During your next vacation, see if you can track down the pin trader’s motherlode—a gigantic bulletin board covered with pins. There’s no telling where one of these will show up, from outdoor kiosks to resort shops. Keep your eyes open! As a bonus, get a pic of a hidden Mickey pin-of-the-day you traded for!


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