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Thinking About Staying at a Walt Disney World Value Resort? Read This First!

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Looking to save some money on your next Disney resort stay? Staying on Disney property comes with a variety of benefits exclusive to resort guests, but it also comes with a price. To get the most out of your trip in terms of special perks, being close to the magic, and staying within a reasonable price point, read on to determine which value resort is right for you:

The solo traveler: All Star Music or All Star Sports

All Star Sports

Image: Disney

All Star Music and All Star Sports are typically the least expensive of the value resorts. Of course, this is subject to change, especially when you factor in various discounts and promotions and whether or not standard or preferred rooms are all that’s available. Where solo travelers typically are not spending lots of time in the hotel rooms, theming and amenities matter less than they would with couples or families. For this reason, All Star Music or All Star Sports can allow for an immersive Disney experience without breaking the bank.

As solo travelers tend to spend little time in the room, extended amenities are not usually important, making standard rooms at whichever value resorts are having the best deals great options. Amenities will still include pools, quick service restaurants, (poolside) bars, gift shops, ATMs, concierge, package delivery, and everything else that comes with a Disney resort stay including the Magical Express service and complimentary park transportation, without the extra unnecessary amenities for guests who will not spend much time at the resort. 

All about the kids: Disney’s Art of Animation Resort or All Star Resorts

Art of Animation

Image: Disney

The go-to resort for kids in the value category is without a doubt Disney’s Art of Animation Resort. The Big Blue Pool, themed after Finding Nemo not only rivals deluxe resort pools in terms of size and theming, but it features the added bonus where guests are able to hear music underwater. Additionally, Art of Animation takes the movie theming of All Star Movies to the next level, with even more details in resort rooms and fun photo ops around the resort for movies like The Little Mermaid, Cars, Finding Nemo, and The Lion King.

One downside to staying at Art of Animation however is the price. With the rooms being primarily suites, except for The Little Mermaid rooms, it is the most expensive of the value resorts. And for families with kids who either do not need a suite, or just aren’t all that interested in staying in the mermaid-themed rooms, any of the All Star Resorts with a theme that better fits their interests may be the best option.

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An All-Star resort visit can be fun, or it can be dreadful. Our family has stayed there since 2000 (not exclusively). All-Star Movies was fun for a 3-gen trip. We had rooms in a row, and we enjoyed the "101 Dalmations" theming. At All-Star Music, our results have been very mixed. We have had two very rude bus drivers there, so nasty that I reported them to Transportation. Front desk seems very slow. There have been numerous errors in our reservations. We do love the food court and the pools. Rooms are small, best for just one or two guests. The music groups and cheer squads can be inconsiderate. During one stay, a group had an early-morning (6:00!!) practice on the walkway outside of our room. Views are garden, not water. We stayed @ Caribbean Beach in January, and we will be @ Yacht Club in August. There is a very great difference in the three levels: value, moderate, and deluxe.

At an average $400 per night, Art of Animation family suites aredley budget. Spend $2800 per week for a small two bedroom suite or spend $1000 for an off-site 3 bed, 2 bath rental house.


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