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Concerned about how well you’ll fit into certain attractions during your next Disney vacation? Not sure where to turn to for advice? It can be an uncomfortable subject, but addressing these concerns before your trip can save you a lot of stress when you arrive at the parks.


Expedition Everest

Image: Disney

Most Disney attractions that use lap-bars can accommodate a variety of body types, particularly the rides that allow for individual use of lap-bars (as in Expedition Everest as opposed to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad). Rides like Expedition Everest have separate lap-bars for each guest, meaning that your size will have no impact on the person sitting next to you. If you are still concerned about fitting safely into Expedition Everest, do not be ashamed to try out the test car outside the attraction, located next to the single rider line. Do not worry about other guests judging you if you decide to try out the test seat, everyone is too busy enjoying their vacation to be concerned with what you are doing before you ride.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Image: Disney

While rides like Expedition Everest can be helpful for guests riding with a smaller person as the lap-bar is not shared, it is worth noting that the individual lap-bars can be more problematic for guests who carry their weight in their hips and thighs. When trying to decipher which attractions may pose issues, guests tend to compare their weight to the weights of other guests who have successfully ridden. Weight is not really the most important factor here though. A larger person who carries their weight above their waist would have an easier time getting into Expedition Everest than a smaller person who carries their weight in their thighs.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Image: Brittany

Expedition Everest is still quite accommodating even for guests with extra weight on their hips and thighs. One less accommodating (but still mostly doable) ride with this kind of restraint system is the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. The style of the seats on this attraction are hollowed out slightly, and the width of the lower part of the lap-bar that goes on the outside of the guests’ thighs is a bit narrow. Generally speaking guests of all shapes and sizes are still able to fit in the seats, but depending on how you carry your weight it may not be comfortable.

In other instances, like at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, one guest carrying extra weight in his or her stomach or thighs can make it difficult to push the lap-bar down as far as their differently shaped riding companion may want it to go. (Don’t worry though, if it isn’t safe for you to ride together cast members will let you know. And in any case this is highly unlikely as plenty of adults are able to ride with children).

 Splash Mountain

Image: Disney

Splash Mountain comes with lap-bars as well, though they are very forgiving. These lap-bars are actually not necessary for the attraction to function properly, as they were installed solely to stop guests from exiting the ride before it was over. As long as the bar is able to go down one click and lock, which it most likely will without a problem, you’ll be good to go.



I am not sure when this was posted, but thank you for taking the time to do this. I am a larger person, about 270, but actively working on my weight, and am about to be going on a trip with a group. I have been horrified about getting there and not fitting into the rides as it has happened before in local carnival events. I am very concerned about looks and have had extreme anxiety for most of my life, so this happening at the park with my group would be absolutely mortifying. This article was very helpful and informative and I greatly appreciate it.

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Lee, I would be very interested to know if this was an issue for you in the end?

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