Whether you prepare for your Disney vacation for months, or you like to take things as you go, you’re sure to have some questions on your mind as you’re making your way through the parks. Cast Members are a great resource for just about anything you might want to know, but in a busy theme park they don’t always have time to help you get to the root of what you’re wondering. Try these tips to get the details you’re really after on your next Disney vacation.

Tailor questions to your schedule


Don’t Say: “What time is the 3:00 parade?”

Instead Ask: “What time will the 3:00 parade get to Liberty Square?”

This error in phrasing is so common that it’s used regularly in Cast Member training. While your friendly CM will probably be able to decode your funny wording with this one, it’s a prime example of how generalizing your questions can lead you to the wrong answer. A thoughtless Cast Member might just tell you with a chuckle that the 3:00 parade is at three. However, that won’t help when your kids are complaining of the heat at five past, and you don’t really know when the first floats will come into view.

Keep your own personal schedule in mind when you’re posing your questions. Don’t say, “Do I need reservations for Chef Mickey?” Instead, go with, “Are there any openings at Chef Mickey tomorrow?” The answer to the first question is “Yes,” but the answer to the second might be yes as well, depending on the season, day of the week, and your luck with recent cancellations. Be specific to get to the heart of your concerns and find the answers that apply to your schedule

Start with signage

Ride sign

Don’t Say: “Is this ride bad for motion sickness?”

Instead Ask: “What type of movement is involved with this ride?”

If you have questions about an attraction, check out the signage first. This will give you your official answer as to what warnings and considerations apply to the ride. You’ll find out what the height restriction is, whether guests need to transfer from a wheelchair, and what medical warnings come with that particular ride system. Cast Members will readily parrot all this information back to you if you go for the generic question. However, you can get better details if you start out with the basics in hand.

Say you suffer from mild motion sickness, but it’s only bad with steep drops. If you just ask about motion sickness, the Cast Member will have to say yes, which is exactly what the ride sign already tells you. If you know that you’re fine on rides without drops, you can ask about that instead and get information that’s better tailored to you.


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