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The Traditions training course is Disney’s version of orientation, but it is so much more than a normal company orientation.

Like a secret society or a distinguished university, Traditions marks a new Cast Member’s entry into a brand-new world filled with its own legends and lore. It is also a playing field leveler, as every new hire, from the front lines to the management team, must take the class. Traditions is an eight-hour experience (four hours for College Program participants) you are not likely to forget. And where else can you get paid to play with new friends?

Let's take a look at what new Cast Members (of which I was once one myself) can expect when starting work at Walt Disney World!

1. Company history


The class is named Traditions because it is the company’s opportunity to pass its corporate traditions, many designed by Walt himself, down to its newest Cast Members. Therefore, company history is an important part of what you will learn. Although Disney always strives to evolve and innovate, the best way to move forward is to build on what has gone before. But don’t worry. Traditions is not a stuffy history lecture. You will learn through hands-on activities, group challenges, and other fun activities designed to keep everyone excited and engaged.

2. The Four Keys

Gift Shop Cast Member

It is no secret that Disney’s Four Keys to Guest Service are Safety, Courtesy, Show, and Efficiency. How those standards are applied from day to day, however, is a delicate dance through real-world challenges and conflicting priorities. Through personal stories from your trainers and a narrated walk through the Magic Kingdom, you will learn what the Four Keys really mean and how to use them to guide your daily decisions as a cast member.

3. Disney trivia

Pet Cemetery

Disney Cast Members are ambassadors of the company. With a passionate fan base that is familiar with even the most obscure Disney movies and fun facts, the company wants its Cast Members to be able to speak with authority on a variety of Disney-related topics. So an important part of Traditions is learning some trivia. There isn’t a test, and you’re not expected to become an instant expert, but through trivia games and activities, you will get familiar with fun Disney facts and learn how to converse easily about them.

4. Team building

Animal Kingdom Vet Hospital

Walt Disney World Cast Members must work closely together to make the magic happen. Each ride, show, restaurant, and shop has numerous assigned positions, and if everyone doesn’t work together, the entire operation can grind to a halt. Traditions helps new Cast Members learn to work as a team by assigning group projects that can range from scavenger hunts to creating a list of animated Disney characters. There are generally prizes for the best team, and the challenges are so much fun that they never feel like real work.


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