Wilderness Lodge Log Bundles

The Wilderness Lodge is one of the most richly themed resorts at Walt Disney World. While every resort offers an immersive experience, this one is so steeped in history and authenticity that it’s almost impossible to enjoy all of its stunning details on just one visit. Here are some fascinating features in this hotel that you won’t want to miss.

1. The Five Flags

Wilderness Lodge Flags

The Wilderness Lodge has five flags perched on top. You’ll find one each for the United States, Florida, Disney World, the Disney Vacation Club, and the Wilderness Lodge. While these flags are picturesque from a distance, it’s their location that’s so notable. From this spot on the roof of the resort, you can see nearly every destination on property. Inquire at the concierge desk about you can attend the flag raising or lowering that takes place each day. The list fills up fast as only one family gets to participate daily, so check out this opportunity as early as you can.

2. The Towering Totem Poles

Wilderness Lodge Totem Poles

The two massive totem poles in the lobby are impossible to overlook, but you may miss the story if you don’t know what you’re looking at. Each totem pole is 55 feet tall and tells its own story. The Raven Pole tell the story of how Raven put the sun, moon, and stars in the sky. The Eagle Pole tells the story of Bear Chief who is undertaking the task of educating his nephew Bear Cub. Each character on the pole relates to a specific portion of the story. Stop by the concierge desk for a printout of the complete tale associated with each totem pole.

3. The Log Bundle Characters

Wilderness Lodge Log Bundles

The colorful totem poles take center stage in the lobby, so you may not notice the more subtle characters carved into the log bundles in each corner of the room. You’ll find 16 figures carved into the tops of the poles, including a bird of prey on each column. The iconic American Bald Eagle is featured twice with a different look on each version.

4. The Grand Canyon Fireplace

Grand Canyon Fireplace

The towering Grand Canyon Fireplace in the corner of the lobby is 82 feet tall, making it a stunning feature you can’t miss. Cozy rocking chairs are gathered around the fire and there’s almost always an empty seat available. Again, what you’re likely to miss about this feature is the detailed story behind its design. The stones of the fireplace are arranged in clear layers that represent the strata of the Grand Canyon. Over 100 subtle colors are used in the intricate design.

Grand Canyon Fireplace Hidden Mickey

As an added bonus, you can spot a hidden Mickey etched into the fireplace design on the right side near the top of the pink layer.



Love the Wilderness Lodge. If only it were on the monorail line, then it would be the perfect place.

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