51. Star Tours opens at Disneyland (1987)

Star Tours

Image © Disney

The result of another collaboration with a third-party (this time Star Wars creator George Lucas), Star Tours opens at Disneyland. The simulator-style attraction take guests on a tour of the galaxy which soon goes awry, and is built using military-grade flight simulators. A clone is later installed at Disney-MGM Studios.

52. EuroDisney agreement signed (1987)

EuroDisney agreement

Image via wn.com

Michael Eisner signs an agreement with the French government to build a fourth Disney resort in France. This will be centered around a Disneyland-style park, and plans are also initiated to build a second Disney-MGM Studios theme park on the site.

53. Big Thunder Mountain opens at Tokyo Disneyland (1987)

Big Thunder Mountain
Image © Oriental Land Company

The third version of Big Thunder Mountain opens at Tokyo Disneyland. It is the first version of the ride to be manufactured by Dutch supplier Vekoma.

54. Disneyland Hotel bought by Disney (1988)

Disneyland Hotel

Image: Robert J. Boser

The Disneyland Hotel, originally owned and operated by Jack Wrather under an agreement with Walt Disney, is finally acquired by Disney. To force the sale, Disney threatens to increase the fee that it charges the hotel for allowing its guests to use the Disneyland Monorail.

55. Illuminations debuts at EPCOT Center (1988)


Image © Disney

The original version of Illuminations debuts on the World Showcase Lagoon at EPCOT Center. It is described as a nighttime spectactle that would capture "the glitter of Times Square, the fantasy of Paris at nigh and the splendor of Piccaddilly".

56. Norway Pavilion opens at EPCOT Center (1988)


Image © Disney

In another expansion to the World Showcase line-up, the Norway Pavilion opens. The star attraction is Maelstrom, a boat ride that was due to be called "SeaVenture" until weeks before its opening day.

57. EuroDisney construction begins (1988)

EuroDisney construction

Image © Disneyland Paris

Construction work on the EuroDisney resort begins. As well as the theme park, no fewer than seven on-site hotels are planned.

58. Disney-MGM Studios opens at Walt Disney World (1989)

Disney-MGM Studios

Image © Disney

On May 1, 1989, Disney-MGM Studios opens to the public. Although it features only a handful of attractions, it proves to be hugely popular. In the face of criticism from early guests, Disney immediately initiates expansion plans.

59. Pleasure Island opens at Walt Disney World (1989)

Adventurer's Club

The Pleasure Island area opens at Walt Disney World, featuring a host of themed nightclubs. It is designed to discourage guests from leaving the property to head to downtown Orlando.

60. Disney's Typhoon Lagoon opens (1989)

Typhoon Lagoon

Image © Disney

The second water park at Walt Disney World throws open its gates in June 1989, featuring a "post-disaster" theme.

61. Splash Mountain opens at Disneyland (1989)

Splash Mountain
Image © Disney

The Splash Mountain water ride opens at Disneyland, featuring a host of audio-animatronic characters. Many of these were relocated from the shuttered America Sings! attraction.

62. Wonders of Life Pavilion opens at EPCOT Center (1989)

Wonders of Life

Image: SteamFan, Wikimedia Commons

Wonders of Life opened in 1989, and hosted a variety of interactive attractions such as a personal health quiz and bicycle simulators. The highlight, though, was Body Wars - a simulator ride through the human body. This was joined by Cranium Command, a humorous show about the importance of the human brain.

63. Port Disney plans announced (1990)

Port Disney

Image © Disney

Anxious to expand Disneyland to create a multi-day resort similar to Walt Disney World, Disney announces plans to build a second, separate resort - Port Disney - in Long Beach. The DisneySea theme park is to be the main attraction, featuring an enormous, record-breaking aquarium dubbed Oceana.

64. WestCOT plans announced (1991)


Image © Disney

Disney announces plans for WestCOT, a West Coast version of EPCOT Center to be built next to Disneyland. It aims to play the authorities in Long Beach and Anaheim off against each other, ensuring better incentives to build a theme park in one of the two areas.

65. Splash Mountain construction at Magic Kingdom (1991)

Splash Mountain construction

With Disney's theme parks enjoying a major spending spree, construction work takes place on a clone of Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom.

66. Euro Disney Resort opens (1992)

EuroDisney opening day
Image via DesigningDisney

On April 12, 1992, the Euro Disney Resort opens to the public. Euro Disneyland features more attractions on its opening day than any other Disney park in history. Despite this, attendance levels are well below projections.

67. Fantasmic! opens at Disneyland (1992)


Image © Disney

With the introduction of Fantasmic! at Disneyland in 1992, the company took the concept of evening entertainment at theme parks to a whole new level. Designed to reinvigorate the space in front of the Rivers America, Fantasmic! was a collaboration between Disney's animation studios and its Imagineers. Massive modifications were required to Tom Sawyer Island and the Rivers of America, with equipment being installed underwater to enable the show's range of elaborate effects.

68. Splash Mountain opens at the Magic Kingdom (1992)

Splash Mountain
Image © Disney

The first guests begin to ride Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom during a soft opening in July 1992.

69. Splash Mountain opens at Tokyo Disneyland (1992)

Splash Mountain

Image © Tokyo Disney Resort

The third version of Splash Mountain opens in Japan on October 1, 1992.

70. Construction of Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (1993)

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror construction

Image © Disney

Aiming to address complaints that the park lacks thrill rides to compete with those at Universal Studios Florida, Disney constructs its most expensive attraction yet at Disney-MGM Studios: the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Some 1,500 tons of steel were used to build it, along with 145,800 cubic feet of concrete. The roof is lined by 27,000 tiles.

71. Mickey's Toontown opens (1993)

Mickey's Toontown

Image © Disney

Inspired by "Toontown" in 1988's Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Mickey's Toontown opens at Disneyland. It features the homes of popular characters such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Versions will later open at the Magic Kingdom and Tokyo Disneyland.

72. Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril opens at Euro Disneyland (1993)

Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril

Designed as "quick fix" to add more thrill rides to the park's line-up and boost attendance, Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril opens in Adventureland at Euro Disneyland. It is the first Disney roller coaster to feature an inversion.

73. Construction of Disney's Blizzard Beach (1994)

Disney's Blizzard Beach construction

Image © Disney

Construction work on a third water park at Walt Disney World moves along at a rapid pace.

74. EPCOT Center renamed as Epcot '94 (1994)

Epcot '94

Image: E82 - The Epcot Legacy (used with permission)

In an attempt to show that the park is not outdated, EPCOT Center is renamed as Epcot '94.

75. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror opens (1994)

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Image © Disney

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror makes its debut at Disney-MGM Studios, and instantly becomes one of the most popular attractions at the Walt Disney World resort. The drop sequence is powered by two huge motors, which are 12 feet tall, 35 feet long and weigh a massive 132,000 pounds.




The Park Theater was in Winter Park FL not Winter Haven!!!

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