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Tens of millions of visitors head to Disney's theme parks every single year. Although the parks' operations typically run very smoothly, occasionally things will go wrong. And, inevitably, sometimes guests affected by mishaps will throw a lawsuit at the company. Some of these have real merit, and there have been some large payouts as a result. Others, though, are bordering on the ridiculous.

The most serious lawsuits again Disney generally attract extensive media coverage - and, frankly, are not something we'd cover on fun-loving Theme Park Tourist. However, after stumbling across an amusing story about one frivolous lawsuit, we thought it would be fun to hunt around a for a few others and share them with our readers.

Here's a look at 10 of the most amusing lawsuits brought against Disney by theme park visitors over the last few decades.

10. The Three Naughty Pigs

Three Little Pigs

Image © Disney

Disney's loveable characters would certainly never harm or assault a guest...would they? Well, one woman claimed otherwise in 1976. The woman, who weighed some 240 pounds, alleged that one of the Three Little Pigs had run up to her, grabbed her chest and begun shouting "Mommy! Mommy!".

Unfortunately for the allegedly distressed guest, her case didn't progress far. Disney quickly pointed out that the Three Little Pigs are unable to move their arms.

9. Feeling dizzy


David Koenig's excellent book Mouse Tales documents a huge number of lawsuits against Disneyland. One of these demonstrates the importance of Disney's nurses taking extensive notes after any incident, no matter how small. One guest claimed to have been made to feel dizzy by Disneyland's former Circarama theater, causing her to fall over a railing and strike her head. Similar theaters are still in place at Epcot's China and Canada pavilions.

Unfortunately for the guest, the nurse that she saw afterwards noted that the guest had said she had tripped over the railing trying to take a "shortcut". Oops.

8. The Tower of Terror fan

Tower of Terror Exterior (2)

In 2009, Disney was sued by Denise Mooty, a lady who rode the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror over 50 times a day. Every day. Mooty suffered from abdominal adhesions, and claimed that the frequent drops on the ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios helped to ease the pain.

Mooty was able to acquire a Guest Assistance Card, allowing her to cut to the front of the line. Eventually, a new manager instigated a limit on the number of rides she could take per day. Allegedly, she became angry at this, and was banned from the parks for abusing Cast Members - although she denied this.

7. The falling "brick"

Magic Kingdom

Any self-respecting Disney fan will know that Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom is not, in fact, made of stone. Instead, its shell is made of fiberglass. Evidently, one woman was unaware of this - she sued Disney claiming that a brick had fallen from the structure and struck her on the head.

Note: this one may be an urban legend. I'm yet to find a news story that verifies it - let me know if you do.

6. It's a Small World after all

It's a Small World

Image © Disney

The cheesy music from It's a Small World is legendary - and, indeed, many people would rather do almost anything other than listen to it on a permanent loop. Jose Martinez successfully sued Disney, winning $8000, after he was left trapped in one of the ride's boats for 40 minutes. The ride had broken down, and Cast Members were unable to remove Martinez (who is confined to a wheelchair) from the boat - with the judge ruling that inadequate assistance had been provided.



I worked in EPCOT at The Living Seas (now known as The Seas With Nemo and Friends). I can confirm that the story of the woman sueing over the hydrolators is true. They only moved down a foot. The case was closed very quickly.

I worked in EPCOT at The Living Seas (now known as The Seas With Nemo and Friends). I can confirm that the story of the woman sueing over the hydrolators is true. They only moved down a foot. The case was closed very quickly.

Pretty sure the brick one is true, too...I was a cast member back in the mid 90s, and my boyfriend at the time, who'd been a cast member for a few years before I started there, told me about that one, as well as the one at Epcot...

I don't see how the "Brick" one could be true, since the castle is made out of fiberglass. Always has been. And IF you really were a cast member, you, of all people, should know that a brick falling from the castle was and IS impossible. Yes, it might be true that there was some lady stupid enough to think that scam was going to work, but seriously?? You can't be that naive to believe half of these crack-pots stories. Even from a now former bf.

In reply to by April (not verified)

I believe what this former cast member was referring to as being true was the lawsuit, not the brick.

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