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The Top 10 Water Parks in the World

5. Thermos Dos Laranjais (Olimpia, Brazil)

Image: Thermos Dos Laranjais 2012 attendance: 1.30 million 2013 attendance:1.65 million (up 26.9%) The fast-growing Thermos Dos Laranjais is the most popular water park in South America. Older guests can try out a range of speed slides and a surf pool, while young kids can try to climb to the top of the Mini Bubble, before plunging back down into the water below.

4. Ocean World (Gangwon-Do, South Korea)

Image: Daemyung Resort

2012 attendance: 1.72 million 2013 attendance:1.70 million (down 1.2%) Located in Vivaldi Park, one of Korea's most popular ski resorts, Ocean World is set in the ancient forests of Hongcheon. It boasts an Egyptian theme, with replicas of the Sphinx, pyramids and obelisks. The indoor area features pools and slides, as well as a therapy centre. Outdoors, there 300-meter-long Monster Blaster sees riders being blasted uphill.

3. Blizzard Beach (Walt Disney World, Florida)

Image: Disney

2012 attendance: 1.93 million 2013 attendance:1.97 million (up 2.0%) The most recently-opened of Walt Disney World's water parks, Blizzard Beach features an unusual theme based around a freak snow-storm that has hit Florida. The region's first ski resort was thrown-up to take advantage, but subsequently "melted" - leaving behind the park's array of slides and swimming pools. In keeping with the theme, the major attractions are centered around the towering Mount Gushmore, which features three slopes: Green Slope, Purple Slope and Red Slope.

2. Typhoon Lagoon (Walt Disney World, Florida)

Patio at Blizzard Beach

Image: Disney

2012 attendance: 2.10 million 2013 attendance:2.14 million (up 2.0%) As its name suggests, Typhoon Lagoon is themed around a tropical paradise that has been struck by a typhoon. It features a variety of slides and pools that fit in with this backstory, which are incorporated into several themed areas: Hideaway Bay, Mount Mayday, Shark Reef and Typhoon Lagoon itself. The entire park is encircled by the Castaway Creek "lazy river", with the headline attractions being the Crush 'n' Gusher water coaster and the world's largest outdoor wave pool.

1. Chime-Long Water Park (Guangzhou, China)

Image: Chime-Long Park 2012 attendance: 2.02 million 2013 attendance: 2.17 million (up 7.5%) Part of the massive Chime-Long Paradise complex, Chime-Long Water Park is growing rapidly in attendance. It boasts a wide selection of attractions, including what it claims is the "largest themed water area in the world", Hawaii Water Town.

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There are 3 comments.

How can you include Aquaventure in Dubai and not mention the original one located in the Bahamas?

As stated in the introduction, the list is based on attendance. The Dubai Aquaventure is one of the top 10 best-attended water parks in the world. The Bahamas one is not.

If were to base it on the average daily guest you would get a whole different number. The top 10 are almost all open year round.


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