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UPDATE November 9 - We now know that SeaWorld Orlando's new coaster for 2023 will be Pipeline Surf Coaster and we are hoping to keep you updated on the construction progress over the next 6 months. Coaster Studios has posted a video to YouTube this week showing how Pipeline currently looks at SeaWorld Orlando.

This is certainly going to be impressive as guests approach the entrance to SeaWorld Orlando as the launch is positioned against the pathway so you will get to see the coaster whizz past. Pipeline is located along the water front giving it a scenic outlook and progress is going very well with a lot of track already in place with the overbank now clear. The next section of the track will be the descent which will lead into the inversion. More track is visible on the ground and we are expecting progress to continue positively over the next few weeks. We will update you soon on our news and Facebook page.

October 19 - SeaWorld Orlando has announced that their new roller coaster will be called "Pipeline" which will be the world's first surf coaster. It will have 2950ft of track, hit speeds of 60mph, 110ft tall where guests will move with the waves. A video has been released which is embedded below.

It certainly looks like "Pipeline" will be an exciting addition to SeaWorld Orlando's coaster line up and is slated to open Spring 2023. Annual Passholders will be the amongst the first to get the opportunity to experience "Pipeline" when it opens. Let us know what you think about this announcement by voting in our poll below. We will keep you up to date with further details about "Pipeline" as and when they are announced.

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October 17 - SeaWorld Orlando has posted a tweet teasing that their new rollercoaster announcement has been rescheduled for tomorrow (October 18).

We will update you with further information on this on our news and Facebook page as soon as it is announced. To get you in the mood you can take a look at this recent aerial photo (October 15) of the progress to date on this new roller coaster from Bioreconstruct.

September 28 - SeaWorld fans were all set to hear further announcements about the upcoming new roller coaster which is slated to open at SeaWorld Orlando in 2023. However the planned announcement has been delayed due to Hurricane Ian. The following information has been given from SeaWorld:

"Due to Hurricane Ian making its way toward Florida, SeaWorld Orlando is rescheduling the media announcement of the 2023 attraction.

The safety of our ambassadors, guests and animals is paramount, and SeaWorld Orlando wants to ensure everyone is safe.

A new date for the 2023 attraction media announcement will be communication to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to sharing the details of SeaWorld Orlando’s new attraction when we can. Thank you for understanding, and we hope everyone stays safe."

We will bring you all the latest details about the new roller coaster at SeaWorld Orlando after the rescheduling of this event. Are you excited to learn more about this new coaster? Let us know your thoughts by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page.

SeaWorld Orlando Logo
Image: SeaWorld

September 22 - For anyone who is interested in SeaWorld Orlando's new Surf coaster which is set to open in 2023, we are expecting the new coaster to be officially announced by SeaWorld on September 27. It will be exciting to hear further details about the proposed more family friendly coaster which should bridge the gap between the smaller rides and the thrilling coasters such as Kraken.

We will update you on everything that is announced from SeaWorld Orlando about the highly anticipated Surf Coaster on our news and Facebook pages. Are you excited to ride this new coaster in 2023?

SeaWorld skyline
Image: SeaWorld

July 11 - Good progress is being made at SeaWorld Orlando on its new "High Surf"coaster which is slated to open at the park in 2023. An aerial photo posted on twitter by Bioreconstruct shows foundation work having been done on the site which is located close to the parking lot near the entrance to the park. Track and supports are ready in the staging area to use as soon as needed meaning everything seems to be in place for this ambitious project.

UPDATE June 4 - SeaWorld Orlando has confirmed the name of the new surf coaster coming to the park in 2023 as "High Surf". From the video released on the official Twitter page which is embedded below, "High Surf" looks to be a sit down coaster. We already knew the manufacturer was Bolliger and Mabillard and we expect further details to be announced in the coming weeks and months as construction ramps up for this new coaster.

April 15 - SeaWorld Orlando is wasting no time starting to build the hype for its new roller coaster which is set to open at the park in 2023.

The new roller coaster will be a B&M (Bolliger & Mabillard) Surf Coaster. SeaWorld Orlando have a good relationship with the company having already worked with them on the popular Manta, Kraken and Mako. SeaWorld Orlando posted a photograph of the track arriving at the park which can be seen embedded below.

SeaWorld Orlando haven't confirmed many details of this new Surf Coaster as of yet. What we do know is that it will be located around the Seven Seas Lake towards the entrance to the park and it looks to have a smaller footprint than the newly opened Ice Breaker coaster.

It is expected that the new Surf Coaster could be a more family friendly coaster that will bridge the gap between the smaller rides and the thrilling coasters such as Kraken. There are rumors that it may include an inversion.

There was a patent filed for an over the shoulder restraint which is expected to be used on the coaster. We are unsure if it will be a sit down or stand up coaster but with B&M we are surely set for a very smooth ride with plenty of air time.

We will keep you up to date with further details on the new Surf Coaster at SeaWorld Orlando when they are announced on our news page. Let us know what you think about this new addition coming in 2023 to SeaWorld Orlando by leaving us a comment below.



I am shocked that Disney is letting Sea World put the coaster on the Seven Seas Lagoon…

I think it’s just called the “sea world lake”

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