This week, Disney made headlines by introducing a new tiered system of annual passes that will cost passholders who want 365 days of access to the four parks at Walt Disney World significantly more than they have paid in the past. However, even though this was the big story this week, there have been some other changes happening recently at the resort that you may not have noticed. 

From the introduction of a new character around the resort, to a bizarre new feature for My Disney Experience and yet another price hike at Walt Disney World that will impact annual passholders, here’s everything you need to know that is happening at the resrot that you might have missed!

1.  Tables in Wonderland price increase 

Image: Disney

Though we already told you about the parking fee increase and the annual pass price hike, there was another change in prices that happened this week at Walt Disney World that flew right under the radar. Tables in Wonderland, Disney’s discount dining program increased its annual subscription from $100 to $150 for annual passholders and from $125 to $175 for Florida residents.

This is a huge increase, and if you are a Tables in Wonderland subscriber, you may need to do some math to find out if the 20% off table service perk is still worth paying for on an annual basis, as your fee may not offset your savings anymore. 

2. My Disney Experience gets additional PhotoPass functionality

Image: Disney

Now that unlimited PhotoPass downloads are included as part of most Walt Disney World annual passes, Disney has unveiled a new feature for PhotoPass in the My Disney Experience app.  Instead of scanning a MagicBand or PhotoPass card, guests can now pull up a digital PhotoPass QR code that an be displayed on screen and then scanned by PhotoPass photographers.

This is a little bit of a weird new feature, as scanning MagicBands after taking a PhotoPass picture has become second nature for most guests. However, if for some reason guests do not have a MagicBand, they can load up the QR code on their phone and have the images automatically tied to their My Disney Experience account.

3. Shellie May comes to Walt Disney World…sorta

Image: Disney

Though Duffy the Disney Bear wasn’t exactly the most popular Disney character in the world, there was still substantial outcry when his meet and greet was retired last week. However, though guests can’t meet Duffy any more, they can still purchase Duffy merchandise. And the next time they go to buy something Duffy-related, may be surprised when they find a new friend: Shellie May

While you might not be immediately familiar with this name, Shellie May is a female friend made by Minnie Mouse for Duffy Bear. Though this character was introduced in Japan several years ago, merchandise featuring Shellie May is just now starting to appear at Walt Disney World.

While we wouldn’t imagine that Shellie May would get a full meet and greet anytime soon (especially so quickly after Duffy was retired), it is interesting that Disney is choosing to introduce this character now. Perhaps Duffy friend Gelatoni could also be introduced as well?



I love that unlimited PhotoPass downloads is now on Annual passes. I know some people say they wouldn't use it, but if you take advantage of it it can be awesome. Like a professional photographer everytime you go in the park. Amazing!

This might have been addressed before (I'm new to the site), but why do you have to go through multiple pages for every post/article? I just read one that was a list of 3 items...that took 2 pages. One of the perks of a website vs print is that the page can be infinitely long.

You have to spend 750 a year on dinner just to break even now. Just another thing they are pricing out of existence. Florida residents and annual Passholders are not very important these days and I'm sure we will see more and more evidence of this in the next few years, well unless something drastic happens again and they beg us to visit.

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