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6 Massive Changes at Disney Parks that are Supposed to Happen Before the End of 2015

4. A new name for Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Though this year’s D23 Expo was like Christmas for Walt Disney World fans, one thing that we were expecting to hear at this year’s event was the announcement of a new name for the park currently known as Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Unfortunately, this year's event came and went with no mention at all of a new name for this park.

While rumors about a new name first started swirling last year, just a few months ago CEO Bob Iger confirmed that a new name is indeed coming to the park, and would be announced this year, which makes its omission from D23 that much more inexplicable. If Disney didn’t use the massive platform of D23 to re-re introduce this park to the world with a new name, then what exactly are they waiting for? Though we’d like to be optimistic and say that we’ll hear about this new name before the end of the year, it's looking increasingly like that won’t happen. 

5. The opening of the Skipper Canteen

We told you yesterday about plans to bring a fun new dining experience to Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom that involves out-of-work Jungle Cruise "skippers" who will be more than happy to regail you with takes from the Cruise while they take your order at this new restaurant. 

Though this restaurant was only officially announced a few days ago, we've known about it for several months now and construction on this project has ramped up in recent weeks. Despite this project's newness, we're still confident that this restaurant will welcome its first diners before the end of November, as originally projected. Now when reservations will be available for guests to make at this new restaurant...that's something we just can't predict...

6. The return of Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean went down for a lengthy refurbishment this past spring, and in the months since this attraction closed we have heard absolutely nothing about what could be happening with this ride. Though we don’t anticipate this refurbishment going much longer than its original late September 2015 reopening date, it will be interesting to see what changes have been made inside this attraction when it reopens.

Rumors swirled in the days leading up to ride’s closure that suggested a new ride system could be on the way for this attraction, possibly in response to safety complaints. However, these rumors could also be completely unfounded, and the ride could just be getting a new coat of paint and TLC. No matter what the reason was for the refurbishment, we shouldn’t have to wait for too much longer to see what changes have been made, as the ride is projected to welcome guests again late next month 

Though its easy to get caught up in the excitement of what the future holds for Disney Parks and Resorts, there are plenty of changes happening now that are also pretty interesting. From new restaurants to updated attractions, the final months of 2015 are going to be busy for Disney. Are you excited for any of these in-development projects?

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