Walt Disney World has been going through an unprecedented period of change over the past several years and will continue to expand and evolve in some interesting ways as we hurtle towards the resort's 50th anniversary in 2021. However, in an interesting development, Disney has chosen not to formally announce many of their latest projects, and we've had to rely on an increasing amount of insider tips and rumors in order to get a real look at what's next for Walt Disney World

While we know definitively that the following attractions are in development, Disney's lack of official announcement for any of these projects has left us with more than a few questions... 

1. Project: Sunset Boulevard "flex" theater

Location: Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Question: What is this theater going to be used for?

Though permits were filed for this project several months ago, construction has been moving along on this new theater at a very fast pace. In fact, guests who walk down Sunset Boulevard towards the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster can see the vertical frame on this theater just beyond the barrier walls. It's true that Walt Disney World has gotten a lot of flack in the past for not meeting its construction target dates, but this project looks like it has come together incredibly fast, and judging by the visible progress made on this theater, it could welcome its first guests in just a few months. 

However, despite this project's obvious existence (and the speed with which it is being constructed), Walt Disney World has refused to announce the flex theater project formally, which has left us scratching our heads, especially with regard to what this theater will be used for. While most sources agree that this new "flex" theater will host seasonal shows for events like Star Wars Weekends, some have argued that this new location may become the third home for the Frozen Musical, as the newly-named Hyperion Theater could be demolished when construction on Star Wars Land begins. This new theater could also become a new home for Voyage of the Little Mermaid, which is also just about to get the boot as well... 

2. Project: Replacing Innoventions West

Location: Epcot

Question: Are there any long term plans for this space?

Innoventions West closed several months ago and while some thought this closure was temporary while the attraction was refurbished, it's looking more and more likely that Innventions West will simply never reopen. So then what could be coming to this large, empty space in the middle of Epcot's Future World? While it's true that this space has hosted some corporate events in recent weeks, it seems foolish to put a meeting place smack-dab in the center of Future World long term, especially since this area needs attractions pretty badly. 

Though this former attraction could simply stay abandoned (it certainly wouldn't be the first attraction to do so) we can't imagine that Disney would leave another piece of Epcot to rot in place. Though the lack of updates is definitely not a good sign, we're going to at least attempt to stay hopeful that there is a plan to bring some kind of new attraction to this space sometime soon. 



I believe you answered your questions in your first example. Disney has not met deadlines on several attractions and experiences. When they announce an opening you'll notice crowds flock to the parks during said dates only to find the rides aren't working properly or they're just not finished yet. To prevent people from having total melt downs in the hot Florida weither, theyre simply staying away from announcing things until they're totally certain they're going to meet deadlines.

I was under the impression that Bob Iger didn't announce Star Wars Land, merely that he announced an increased presence?

Is the Veranda restaurant in Adventureland going to be quick service? If so, announcing it in time for reservations would be moot, as you obviously can't make reservations for quick service restaurants...

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