Ever since Disney purchased Marvel back in 2009, theme park fans have wondered how Disney could incorporate popular characters like Iron Man, the X-Men and Spider-Man into its world class parks. Though Marvel characters at Walt Disney World are currently non-starters due to the licensing agreement with Universal Orlando Resort and the existence of Marvel Super Hero Island at Super Hero Island, eyes have been on Disneyland Resort as a potential home for Marvel Land inside the US. 

Though we’ve heard drips and drops about a potential Marvel-dedicated land at Disneyland Resort over the years, it looks like the pieces are finally falling into place and Marvel Land could actually be on its way from dream to reality (and potentially sooner than you think!). Let’s examine some recent evidence:

1. Disneyland’s $1 billion expansion

Though changes at Walt Disney World have been making headlines regularly in recent months (especially as Disney’s Hollywood studios prepares for its total reboot), Disneyland is also on the cusp of another big expansion, and this one is all thanks to a tax deal with the city of Anaheim.

Earlier this week, the Anaheim City Council approved a 30-year entertainment tax exemption that requires Disney to begin construction on an unspecified expansion project worth $1 Billion by the end of 2017, with a construction window of seven years (Making 2024 the official deadline for any projects created under the terms of this deal). In exchange, the city of Anaheim will extend its admissions tax ban at Disneyland for another 30 years, with more renewals possible in the future.

Though we’re certain that part of this billion dollar expansion will go to the creation of Star Wars Land at Disneyland (which has been rumored to be taking over part of Tomorrowland and perhaps Mickey’s Toontown as well) its unlikely that this project alone will cost a billion dollars, meaning that another project will be coming to Disneyland Resort as well to fulfill Disney's billion-dollar pledge. Enter: Marvel Land at Disney California Adventure.

Interestingly, rumors of a Marvel project for Disney California Adventure have been around since 2013, when it was alleged that Disney was scrapping the idea for a Monsters Inc roller coaster for an indoor Marvel-themed roller coaster that would provide an experience similar to the Rock n’ Roller Coaster at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

This rumor has stuck around over the past few years, but even though whispers of this plan have been remarkably consistent since 2013, no announcement was ever made, causing fans to doubt the validity of this rumor and assume that the project either never existed, was stuck in a permanent holding pattern or had been cancelled. However, now that we know for a fact that $1 Billion is being pumped into Disneyland Resort, it seems that the time is finally right for work to get started on this long-gestating project, and Marvel Land (and its rumored indoor roller coaster ride) can finally come to Disney California Adventure.



A traveling Marvel Experience? Apparently, it was scheduled to hit four cities across the US - including my home town of Philadelphia. What's really odd is that it apparently swept through Philadelphia last month, and I never heard anything about it.

I think Disney should scrap the entire Avatar plan and go full on Star Wars and buy out Marvel from Universal. Really? Avatar?? Fun movie and I understand there are some sequels, but what connection does Disney have with that world? Heck, they could trade Avatar for Marvel with Universal. Done.

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I share your excitement about Marvel and Star Wars areas, but may I offer this as to why Pandora belongs at Animal Kingdom?
Obviously, it would be silly to scrap the plan now, construction is WELL under way and looks VERY exciting.
The theme of Avatar is very similar to the story of America, outsiders coming to a beautiful land to discover riches and indigent people. The outsiders take while the indigent live with. Disney's Animal Kingdom is all about preservation, conservation and appreciation.
The area where Pandora is going was originally planned as Beastly Kingdom to showcase imaginary animals in our history. Pandora is FULL of imaginary creatures!
Finally, this area will feature a lush tropical landscape to walk through and take a boat tour, which will become a bioluminescent explosion of light after dark! While the second attraction will be a Soarin' type experience that allows us to figuratively board a Banshee and navigate the Floating Mountains in an amazing simulator!
Bottom line, Disney is creating a NEW LAND. So what if the movie is old, so what if people may have forget, who cares if the sequels succeed or fail... They're gonna make an amazing land that is gonna be fun to visit even if it wasn't based on a film, even if no one ever saw it. Don't ya think?

I think placing Marvel in California Adventure is a smart way to add a high energy, bright land to balance the rest. That said, I can't see the more-or-less abandoned "Hollywood Studios" portion of Hollywoodland being large enough, and the long-standing rumors of building the land on what's left of the Timon lot confuse me.

That parcel is located behind Tower of Terror, so how can you get guests to it logically without ruining Tower's area? And what exactly would you be able to fit back there? It depends how many actual attractions the land would have. We'll find out... REALLY excited Joe Rohde is behind it moving forward though.

I'm really excited too! I would really love a Marvel Land that feels ALIVE. Marvel Super Hero Island just doesn't try hard enough, and it's difficult to feel excited about doing something there other that walking in between rides. I think Rohde could create someplace where the hero obsessed can really feel a part of that universe...which would be AMAZING.

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