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8 Things You MUST Know Before Dining at Walt Disney World's Major New Restaurant

5. There is space for 600 diners

Though the boating and tour options are certainly a draw, if you are interested in The BOATHOUSE, you are probably looking to get something to eat. And though the BOATHOUSE may look unassuming from the outside, this new location is quite massive on the inside, seating 400 people within its three huge dining rooms. If the weather is nice, there are 200 additional seats outside, bringing total capacity for this restaurant up to an almost unbelievable 600 persons. 

6. Reservations are still recommended


While this new restaurant has the biggest capacity of any location at Disney Springs, reservations are still recommended, especially if you are planning on visiting this location in the near future. You can make reservations online via OpenTable or if you are already at Disney Springs, you can visit the Ship Store adjacent to The BOATHOUSE's dining rooms to make same-day reservations. 

7. There will be multiple entertainment offerings nightly

Much like other dining establishments at Disney Springs, The BOATHOUSE will have a number of "Harbor Master" entertainment happening throughout the day including with flag ceremonies, musical performances outside, performed aboard Lady Rose and a number of live acts performing inside as well. 

8. There is a gift shop at the end

Like all good theme park attractions, The BOATHOUSE has a gift shop at the exit. As you might expect, this retail location sells nautical-themed souvenirs and gifts. 

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There are 22 comments.

Well I know one person that will not be going to the BoatHouse. That is me. I don't belong to the top 1% of money makers in the country. I feel this won't last as long as people think....

I agree! The one that really stood out for me is $22 for asparagus! Really?? You can buy asparagus at a grocery store for about $3.00. The pork chop too. Way over priced in my opinion.

don't listen to this article. The menu is for family style sharing. The portions are huge. And they told our family they recommended sharing items. We though it was an excellent value for the food we received

I agree with you completely. In fact, they've raised ticket prices to the parks and hotels so that you can't go at all unless you literally run through more than one park a day. I am disabled and physically unable to do that now so I guess I won't be going at all anymore!

paying $200 for a dinner hardly requires being one of the top 1% stop being so dramatic.

How much do you make? It's bad enough you have pay 60 bucks for a steak at Le Cellar at EPCOT. You try to take a family of 4 or more to the Boathouse. Maybe saying 1% was a little overboard but we that don't make as much and can't afford these outrageous amounts. Especially after paying thousands in flights, rooms, tickets and the goodies your kids have to have. And please don't use the excuse save more for your trips. A big percentage can't keep this up. I am going in 15 days. 4 of us. It's getting to the point where I won't be going anymore.

Will the BOATHOUSE be on the Disney Dining Plan?

I'd love to know the answer to this as well.

the dining plan is accepted here by costs 2 points per person

I consider myself a theme park (especially Disney, California) pro. I have no issues with prices at the Blue Bayou or even a night at the Grand Californian. But the prices announced here for the boathouse or just unnecessarily stupid. Get a grip, Disney Florida. You're not that special.

How about what's up Disney, period? Raising ticket prices,getting rid of attractions, and sinking into Frozen-mania isn't what Walt would have done. Historically this concept was to be a spot where families could create lasting memories of fun and play. Not the elitist moneymaker it is today. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore Disney World. I've been there multiple,multiple times alone, with my family, with my partner, etc. I'm in Florida. DW is our thing. But it's so out of hand. So away from the original dreams of Walt Disney. Honestly. Movies, theme parks, characters, linens, fashion, books, toys...the last goes on and on. How about offering great vacations to families without having to mortgage their home.

I wrote a similar letter a few years back. Disney Land and World based on rides whihch started inpoor Walt s yard were to give an escape of what could be the cruel world and give children a glimpse of fantasy fun and hope affordably. I like to think Walt Disney would not have permitted his imagineers to become the mongineers that they have become. It is so sad.

I don't mind paying $$$ for good food... but $20 for a side of asparagus? Give me a break. That is highway robbery.

This article is horribly misleading! First off, The prices on certain items are high because yes they are meant for sharing. This is more a family style restaurant. The asparagus side feeds 4-6 people. There are also items on the menu much lower in price. This article picked the most expensive items. There are delicious sandwiches, soups and salads. Also, the seafood is fresh day boat seafood, nothing is ever frozen so it's the best quality. Along with the steaks which are Gibson's Blue Star Black Angus. So try the The Boathouse yourself before listening to this article.

Go to any high-end restaurant in any major city and you will pay these prices or more. Clearly thisbisbgeared to a certain clientele. If that's the type of restaurant they want it to be, it is their perogative. Maybe someday when my children are grown-up, my trip to Disney will include a meal there. Until then, I am aware that I have many other options in my personal price range.

Much to pricey! We almost always have dinner off of WDW. Huge savings on our monthly trips. There is a large need for $12 -18 dinners on property!!!!

This Disney passholder can't afford this place to eat.

Well, it remains to be seen if the market will support such an expensive dining option. The headline should have read "This is downright expensive and out of reach for most patrons." However, the new Pilynesian villas are out of reach for most patrons, too. So I think there is a justified place for unique dining, lodging and entertainment options at all price points. Whether the market will support a 600-seat high-end restaurant in the price bracket remains to be determined, but given the pricing of much of Disney's higher end lodging, I think that it will.

Despite the higher prices, I bet this will do very well. The concept and theming are on par with Be Our Guest, which is consistently booked 6 months in advance. The price point makes sense for the cuts of meat. Yachtsman hits similar price points. A quick search for a 32oz long-bone rib steak from a butcher is going to run you about $100. I don't trust myself to cook an expensive cut like that at home.

Trust me. Disney looked at the demographics of aging baby boomers coming by themselves or with the grandkids in tow and knows they're going to foot the bill with no problem.

Well, I hope it has a massive bar or lounge where you can go, get an overpriced drink and enjoy the atmosphere for awhile...maybe without buying dinner!

The asparagus is actually 12$ not 22$ that is incorrect information. The food is absolutely superb and any item on the menu that is in excess of the 60$ range is designed to be shared by 2 people. All side items are easily shared with 2-3 people.

the pork chop looks fantastic.Can't wait to try this new place


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