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#SavePush: Help save the talking trash can at Disney's Magic Kingdom


Disney fans have launched a campaign to save Push, the talking trash can that chats with guests in Tomorrowland at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

Push has been interacting with guests at the park since 1995, with fans at one stage campaigning to have the character elected as "Mayor of Tomorrowland". Now, Orlando Attractions Magazine has reported via its Facebook page that this Saturday (February 8) could be the trash can's last day in action.


Push with some friends.
Image: Lucky 6.9, Wikipedia

Why the sudden exit for such an enduring and popular character? Rumors point to a contract dispute between Disney and the man behind the trash can. Push's Wikipedia page claims that the robot is operated by a plain-clothed operator via a remote control. Fans of Push, of course, will know that he is actually real.


Image: Kafuffle, Wikipedia

There's no word on the future of Pipa, the trash can that resides in the Rafiki's Planet Watch area at Disney's Animal Kingdom, or the indeed the Push characters at Disney's other resorts. Disney, for its part, has refused to comment on the reports of Push's demise.

Fans of the friendly trash can have launched a campaign to save the robot on Twitter, using the hashtag #SavePUSH to encourage @WaltDisneyWorld to retain the character.

Have you encountered Push at the Magic Kingdom? Let us know your favorite memories of the cheeky trash can in the comments below.

There are 12 comments.

I remember in 90's running into push and I was not with my family at the time and nobody believed me. Save the talking trash can it wonderful.

Save it. My husband and I enjoyed it when we had the experience.

Be a very sad day if Push leaves. Keep the lovely trash can.

Love Push. Grandson really love him and look for him every time we come!!

SAVE Push!!!! We LOVED it on our last trip!!!! Would definitely be a travesty to lose such a magical experience:(((

Save push!!!!!

Save push!!!!!

We love push!! I videotaped him making funny comments about me videotaping him lmao

the push rumours were not true. Disney said that they were not removing push

these are the little things that entertain , amuse and engage imagination. Kids flock to it. and always have. Here is a link to a local amusement park that had one back in the 60' sand 70's

PLEASE SAVE PUSH THE CAN!!!!!!! My husband and I have brought our 4 children many times throughout there yrs. We all love push!!!! I found push 1st sat away and walked each child to can ( with camera ready ) the best pictures!!!!!! We all look forward to push now. Push is part of Disney especially to my children now.

My family visited DW this January and one of the TOP things my 3 yr old graindson LOVED was the talking trash can. I hope the 2 sides will reach a resolution because it really is a treat to watch.

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