Rameses Revenge

The Rameses Revenge flat ride at Chessington World of Adventures is currently closed, after a widely-reported breakdown which saw 39 people being trapped on the ride for several hours.

The fire brigade was called to the park to assist with the rescue of the riders, with no injuries being reported. Around 20 firefighters were present, and acted to free guests from their over-the-shoulder restraints and assist them down to ground-level. Two of the riders suffered asthma attacks, with a further two being treated for anxiety.

In a statement, Chessington World of Adventure said: "At 4.06pm on June 16 the Rameses Revenge at Chessington World of Adventures Resort in Surrey experienced a technical problem. This resulted in the automatic fail-safe system bringing the ride to a controlled stop. Experienced resort staff were on site immediately to assist with guest care."

"No guests were injured in the incident. A small number of people were on the ride at the time and the resort's engineers worked with the emergency services implementing well-rehearsed procedures to ensure their comfort and safe removal from the ride. We are very sorry for any discomfort our guests experienced during the delay."

As is frequently the case with ride breakdowns, the mainstream media reported a number of details inaccurately as the story broke. ITV News, for example, led with the headline "Firefighters working to free people stuck on rollercoaster."

Despite the extensive media coverage, it appears that safety systems on Rameses Revenge functioned satisfactorily.

Update: The Chessington World of Adventures website currently reports that Rameses Revenge is "closed until further notice".

One of few genuine thrill rides remaining in Chessington World of Adventure’s line-up, Rameses Revenge is a HUSS Top Spin ride. Very similar to Ripsaw at sister park Alton Towers, it sees guests boarding a 20-seat gondola. This is attached to two rotating arms, and can also pivot to send riders rotating head-over-heels.

The ride features heavy theming, and is surrounded by elements that are designed to evoke both ancient Egyptian architecture and traditional Islamic elements. A pool of water sits at its base, and jets are used to soak riders as they are lowered towards it at various points during the ride cycle.



Www.chessington.com reports "Rameses Revenge is closed until further notice" also on the Skynews website you can see a video of the firefighters cutting guests out of the ride.

Indeed it does. Some nice mixed messaging coming from the park...

Story updated above, thanks.

Considering they had to cut apart all the restraints I can't see it opening today. Unless they were just internal safety bolts that can be easily replaced, would have meant them working over night or early this morning to get it running though.

That's what I thought, but the park has said that the ride will reopen today.

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